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CONCLUSION During the elaboration of this article was observed, the importance that the health professionals must have on the immediate cares with purperas developing injunctions in the public net come back not only the health of the gestante, but of the woman in general, not only during the childbirth, but, over all days after. It is of basic importance also the cares that the woman must have with its body, its health and its just born. The woman must stimulate the understanding of the friend in relation to the critical phases of the immediate puerprio, as well as emotions and feelings proceeding from this period offering it a humanizada assistance, with much security and respect. In this period the woman feels many pains and needs rest, and if to feed well, to suckle its son in the chest if to feel happy and carried through; to always have a good relationship with its familiar ones, to be protected by its husband, because in many cases they occur to the affective lack that they can produce guilt feeling and cimes. This work was of basic importance so that the performance of the paper of careful, taking in consideration the preventive side, because purperas they need aid, affection, patience, that do not have pains, nor of the body and nor of the soul. Continuously to make complementary visits to its gynecologist and examinations so that it continues to have a healthful life. The objectives had been to point and to tell the main immediate cares with the woman, therefore the puerprio is very important and needs without a doubt many cares and attention. The information had been extracted of continuous research to the library, with the use of books, scientific magazines and articles.

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Overweight And Its Problems

The problem of excess weight from year to year is becoming more urgent: the last 20 years, the total excess weight of the world population increased by three (!) Times to threaten the figures. The cause of obesity is primarily malnutrition. People consume far more calories than you expend. Sedentary lifestyle, passion for junk food, unbalanced nutrition – all prerequisites for the extra weight. But the extra weight – it's not just an aesthetic problem. This is a serious health threat, since extra weight pulling with it a trail of various diseases. First of all, it's cardio vascular system: hypertension, coronary heart disease (CHD) and diabetes – the constant companion of obesity.

It is known that high blood pressure, fat people suffer 3-4 times more often than people of normal weight. The reason is simple: to ensure that the blood of his "enlarged" heart farms forced to take the increased load. A capacity increase of heart-pump, in turn, leads to increased pressure. Further destruction of the picture of health can be seen easily: arterial hypertension leads to the defeat of all the organs and tissues. But first of all, it strikes just the vital organs, so-called target organs: heart, brain and kidneys.

The most serious complication of high blood pressure – is stroke. But we have only five extra pounds to lose, and systolic blood pressure decrease by approximately 5 mm Hg, and diastolic – 2 mm. Decrease the load on the heart. Otherwise, people with overweight risk earn coronary heart disease, which can lead to heart attacks. Relationship of obesity and diabetes due to increased sensitivity to insulin, which leads to disruption of carbohydrate metabolism and development of diabetes (type 2). There is a group of diseases of musculoskeletal system that occur because of excess weight – it's arthritis and arthrosis. With obesity pronounced dysfunction of the respiratory system. Vital capacity can be significantly reduced compared to the norm, which depends not only on border changes and compression of the lungs, but also from respiratory difficulties associated with disorders of metabolic processes in the lung tissue. The high degree of obesity is accompanied by curvature of the spine due to the offset center of gravity, high standing of the diaphragm, chest deformation and reduce its elasticity. When excess weight is often affects the liver: stagnation in the gallbladder and hepatic ducts creates the conditions for the formation of stones, which are found in obesity in 30 – 40% of cases. and gastro-intestinal tract. The list of diseases that are triggered by excess weight, you can continue. It is clear that treatment of these diseases is only possible while reducing weight. Control of this process should lead specialist. A fascination with trendy diets and weight loss independent if there is a whole bunch of diseases is fraught with aggravation of problems.

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