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The diagnosis of the illness in the first months of life, can guarantee one supervened equivalent of a normal individual, if this will be treated and folloied correctly. The great majority of the deaths happens in first infancy due the lack of correct diagnosis of the illness. Visit Jamie Dimon for more clarity on the issue. The dissemination of information on the innate errors of the metabolism and its disgnostic, as in the case of the illness of Tauri, can improve very in the life expectancy of many individuals affected for these metabolic fisiopatologias. . Teng Yue Partners can provide more clarity in the matter.

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Prostaciclinas Secretion

The prostaglandins are formed from fosfolipdios of membrane (acid araquidnico), reaction catalyzed for cicloxigenases (OAK, 2004). Beyond the PGE2, the acid araquidnico he is precursory of Prostaglandina F (PGF) and Prostaciclinas I2 (PGI2). These composites promote vasodilatao, increasing the sanguineous irrigation. The PGE2 and the PGI2 increase the vasodilatao, secretion of muco, bicarbonate acts as antagonistic on the release of acid clordrico for the parietais cells (BLACKSMITH, 2005). The vasodilatao promoted for the Prostaglandins is an essential factor for the cellular renewal, for guaranteeing nutrition and oxygenation of the gastric cells.

Beyond eliminating strange substances, it assists in the tecidual repairing. Jeffrey Bauer, PhD. shares his opinions and ideas on the topic at hand. The Prostaglandins also stimulate the Compostos release Sulfidrilicos (SH) in the lumen of the stomach. The SH possess antirust activity (ROZZA, 2009). The PGE2 stimulates the secretion of muco and bicarbonate for the mucous cells, stimulates the nitric oxide release (IN), vasodilatador element, and secretion of SH (BONAMIN, 2010). The nitric oxide (IN) controls the gastric microcirculation, being produced for the NOsintase enzyme, that is controlled for the release or suppression of acid clordrico (ROZZA, 2009). When the gastric mucosa is injured, cicatrizantes cells, muco and plasma they form the layer mucide of pH 5. This structure assists in the cicatrizao of the gastric cells (BLACKSMITH, 2005). The gastroprotetor system also involves the somatostatina (set free substance for cells D) that they inhibit the secretion of histamina for cells ECF.

Hindering thus, indirectly the release of acid clordrico. Cells D also secretam (for it saw autcrima) amilina. The amilina increases the release of somatostatina for the proper cell (BONAMIN, 2010). 3.4. Medicinal plants the use of plants medicines for ends dressings is very old. The vegetal composites comumente were used in the populations of the antiquity for its diverse farmacolgicos effect (VIDO, 2009). Therefore, the natural medicines make with that the people enjoy of substances gifts in the nature that can balance the human organism, beyond, to increase the immunity (FRANCE, 2007).

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Influenza Concepts

The pandemic of the virus influenza /H1N1 was considered infection generalized in Brazil in 16 of July of 2009. Since then, thousands of cases of acute respiratory syndrome had been notified in Brazil, with a tax of mortality of 0,47/100.000 inhabitants with variations in each region (BRAZIL, 2009). This illness had one occasions global, and in all the places where the H1N1, passed left a high number of acamadas people and deaths. Leaving of this estimated, this work is of qualitative characteristic and will have as research method the sites and manuals disponibilizados for the Health department in the Internet with information on the boarded subject, these sources cite to the years of 2009 the 2010, Deducting information and scientific data on the subject based in the confrontation I aggravate of it of the H1N1 for the Hospital of Clinics of the Paran (HC) aiming at to the evaluation of the situation of Curitiba front the epidemic. The research aims at understanding the pathology, having as well as specific objectives to know the illness, its prevention symptoms and the treatments. The general objective is to know the damages that the pathology can cause the people and as the HC-PR faced this aggravates, as well as the efficiency of the measures implemented for the health professionals.

thus to be informed on pointing to the evaluation of the situation of Curitiba front to the injury. INFUENZA CONCEPTS Influenza H1N1 is a virus with molecular properties of the human viruses influenza, swine and aviary, resultant of frequent antigenic alterations. It is subdivided in types, B and C. Are distinguished of this form that this subtype of is related It to the Influenzavirus to the pandemic that reached the world in 2009 reached individuals without previous immunity to this virus, and that it was it is capable to cause illness in the man for demonstrating efficient transmission between human beings.

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Rio De Janeiro

CONCLUSION During the elaboration of this article was observed, the importance that the health professionals must have on the immediate cares with purperas developing injunctions in the public net come back not only the health of the gestante, but of the woman in general, not only during the childbirth, but, over all days after. It is of basic importance also the cares that the woman must have with its body, its health and its just born. The woman must stimulate the understanding of the friend in relation to the critical phases of the immediate puerprio, as well as emotions and feelings proceeding from this period offering it a humanizada assistance, with much security and respect. In this period the woman feels many pains and needs rest, and if to feed well, to suckle its son in the chest if to feel happy and carried through; to always have a good relationship with its familiar ones, to be protected by its husband, because in many cases they occur to the affective lack that they can produce guilt feeling and cimes. This work was of basic importance so that the performance of the paper of careful, taking in consideration the preventive side, because purperas they need aid, affection, patience, that do not have pains, nor of the body and nor of the soul. Continuously to make complementary visits to its gynecologist and examinations so that it continues to have a healthful life. The objectives had been to point and to tell the main immediate cares with the woman, therefore the puerprio is very important and needs without a doubt many cares and attention. The information had been extracted of continuous research to the library, with the use of books, scientific magazines and articles.

REFERENCES Barros, Sonia Maria Oliveira de obsttrica and gynecological Enfermagem, 1. Ed. So Paulo, Roca Ltda., 2002. Erna E. Ziegel, R.N., M.A., 8.

Ed. Rio de Janeiro, Guanabara Koogan s.a., 1985. Ferreira, Aurlio Buarque of Holland, 4.Ed. Rio De Janeiro, New Border. S.a., 2000. Freitas, Fernando de Rotinas in Obstetricses, 4. Ed. Porto Alegre, Artmed, 2001. Neme, Bussmara de Basic Obstetrcia, 2. Ed. So Paulo, Sarvier, 2000. Rezende, Jorge of Obstetricses, 9. Ed. Rio De Janeiro, Guanabara Koogan, 2002

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According to Smeltzer (2005, P. 981), in the physical examination it must: to evaluate the respiratory system, auscultates including it careful of the pulmes and the use of accessory muscle, to evaluate the cardiac system including the careful inspection for any edema and signals of cardiac insufficience, must be observed the skin how much exantemas, petquias and equimoses and be examined escleras for the jaundice. For being an activity of the nurse, it must always is intent for some cares that must be taken before, during and after the installation of the components to be transfundidos, thus preventing a damage to the patient or an error on the part of the professional who could be fatal to the patient. FIOCRUZ (2000, p.74) divides the cares in the transfusion in three stages: Cares in the Installation of the transfusion: to Verificar medical lapsing, to confer given of the handbook, to identify the customer necessarily; to Conferir the passed time enters the exit of hemocomponente of the hemoterapia service and the beginning of transfusion, this does not have to be superior the 30 minutes; Apresenta it the customer, communicating the procedure the one that will be submitted; Avaliar the aspect (color, validity, integrity, hemlise and cogulo) and rotulao of the component; to Conferir the data of the label of the component to be transfundido; To mount the transfusional system, having to use one I equip proper for the transfusion. To verify and to write down the vital signals of the patient before initiating the transfusion of any hemocomponente; to Escolher calibroso venoso access for the puno, if the vein already will be punched, all the other medications that will be being infundidas in this venosa line must be suspended until it finishes the transfusion. Final the blood is forbidden to the concomitant infusion of any substance together with, the only exception to this rule is the physiological serum.

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Graviola has as native country Tropical America and also the Peruvian valleys, being known it in the Spanish language as guanbano. Venezuela is the producing greater south American of graviola, that it is as it is called here in Brazil. In our country, graviola has its commercial importance, well small in relation to the other countries, but north-eastern, in the city of Trair, in the Cear, already some plantios organized well of this fruit can be found. The fruit of graviola receives some names, depending on the region, that it meets: jaca of Par, jaca of poor person, araticum tame and heart of queen. Its format seems a heart arriving to measure 30 centimeters, being that its weight can arrive the 10 kilos. In each fruit, one meets 100 seeds black when it is harvested, being that after one days, them they are of brown color.

In the content of 100 grams of pulp, many properties are found, as: 24mg of calcium, 28mg of match, 0,5 mg of iron, 20mg of vitamin, 1gr. of protein, 0,07 MG. of B1 vitamin, 0,05 MG. of B2 vitamin, 26mg. of vitamin C. It has made studies being in animals with this fruit and many of them affirm that it helps to fight the cancer, but nothing he was proven until then. North-eastern Brazilian, the predominant one is graviola Creole, also northeastern call, with soft pulp, sub acid and candy, it arrives to weigh, of 1,5 3,0Kg. Its pulp, is more used for the manufacture of concentrated juices, congealed pulps, ices cream, jellies, creams, drinks, refreshments, but although it to be of difficult digestion, also is consumed pure, with sugar.

To know some fruits is important to be able to use to advantage the properties that they supply in them. Therefore of time in when, we go to make different juices for our important family, being repassed this and other information, that come to get on the origin and property of the same ones. Thus when our children to hear to speak of definitive fruits, they go to know, which is its flavor. Potencialize its diet with NutrCut.

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