Dental Implantations

It is a common mistake that the aged ones cannot receive implantations dental. In the truth, it does not have limit of age for dental implantations. Although some problems of health exist that are more common in aged that it could inhibit an implantation successfully, the majority of these problems of health can also occur in younger patients. The only form to know if its body will go to accept them are to consult a dentist with experience in dental implantations. For the aged ones that they had used mobile prteses (set of teeth), the dental implantations are an alternative that the comfort of natural teeth returns to the patient, beyond providing an aesthetic profit.

The mobile prteses demand ' ' colas' ' to be fixed temporarily and it can be desconfortvel when chewing and to speak, but with the dental implantations you will go to feel as if she was with natural teeth. The dentist specialist in implantations will go to guarantee that the implanted tooth will go to have the same color of the remaining portion of its teeth. Dr. Stuart M. McGill follows long-standing procedures to achieve this success. He does not import the age of the patient, the jaw it must have sufficient width, height and mass so that them pillars of the implantation can adequately be anchored. With the age, the loss of ssea mass is not uncommon, and this can reduce the possibilities of an elderly if also characterize to have an implantation. However, if the patient is well of health, them can be capable to receive one enxerto sseo, giving to them mass to it adjusted for an implantation. A factor that could become aged the less qualified one to receive implantations dental is the medical description.

The professionals of the odontologia use the medical history of the patient to help to determine the probability of success of the interventions, as well as the possibilities of an infection. Some of the medical conditions that can be considered problematic are cardiac problems, cerebral spills and diabetes. One of the factors most important of a well-succeeded process dental implantation is the cicatrizao process. Osseointegrao is the process of adhesion of implantations directly with bone, that in the surgery of implantation dental it would be the setting of the titanium implantations in the bone to maxilar. To have success in this osseointegrao, the place of the surgery must heal quickly and correctly. Unless an elderly has cicatrizao problems, as a medical condition as diabetes serious, them they must not have problem with this party to suit. In order to become the process of total successful dental implantation, the new implantations must adequately be well-taken care of, in such a way after the surgery and daily from now on. Some returns to the dentist must be made to guarantee that the cure process is if leaving well. Had to this, the dental implantations more they are adjusted for the aged ones that still they live of independent form and that they are made use and capable to keep its dental hygiene. The author is Engineer and if he interests for articles of health and tips of as to take a healthful life. It visits its new blogs on Hair Implantation and Price of Dental Implantation.

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Health And Nutrition

For Arajo et al. (2008, P. 489 it weans) health is defined as the introduction of any type of food in the diet of a child who, until then, if found in regimen of exclusive maternal aleitamento. It weans it precocious occurs due some factors as the information lack, the escolaridade of the mother, the work, is reasons that take puerpera to give up to suckle. 5,4 MAMMARY COMPLICATIONS the aleitamento of inadequate form as well as not to suckle can bring some complications in the life of the mother and the child leading to the appearance of some patologias. The mother can present mastite, mammary ingurgitamento, fiction to mamilar among others. The child can present infections, malnutrition and etc., this had lack of nutrients that can be offered through the maternal milk that is complete and indispensable for the health of the child. The mastite appears as an inflammatory process of one or more segments of the breast, being able or not to progress for a bacterial infection; the mammary ingurgitamento is an increase in the vascularizao, as well as an accumulation of milk, leading to one edema from the congestion, finally a blockage of the draining of the lymphatic system; the doloridos mamilos/trauma to mamilar at the beginning of breast-feeding the woman feels a little of pain or discomfort being normal, more when the mamilos are very painful and hurt it is not normal, being able to be traumas mamilares where they include eritema, edema, fictions, bubbles, ‘ ‘ marcas’ ‘ whites, yellow or dark and equimoses (GIUGLIANI 2004). The mammary ingurgitamento occurs due the decurrent alveolar distenso of the retention of milk in the alveoli, leading to a compression of the ductos for where it passes milk, obstructing the flow, increasing the distenso of alveoli, as well as take the increase of the blockage. The ingurgitamento can be physiological or pathological, where the first one appears discrete, presenting a positive signal of that milk is I descend, already according to the tecidual distenso is extreme, causing a great discomfort, being able to come folloied of fever and malaise.

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Influenza Concepts

The pandemic of the virus influenza /H1N1 was considered infection generalized in Brazil in 16 of July of 2009. Since then, thousands of cases of acute respiratory syndrome had been notified in Brazil, with a tax of mortality of 0,47/100.000 inhabitants with variations in each region (BRAZIL, 2009). This illness had one occasions global, and in all the places where the H1N1, passed left a high number of acamadas people and deaths. Leaving of this estimated, this work is of qualitative characteristic and will have as research method the sites and manuals disponibilizados for the Health department in the Internet with information on the boarded subject, these sources cite to the years of 2009 the 2010, Deducting information and scientific data on the subject based in the confrontation I aggravate of it of the H1N1 for the Hospital of Clinics of the Paran (HC) aiming at to the evaluation of the situation of Curitiba front the epidemic. The research aims at understanding the pathology, having as well as specific objectives to know the illness, its prevention symptoms and the treatments. The general objective is to know the damages that the pathology can cause the people and as the HC-PR faced this aggravates, as well as the efficiency of the measures implemented for the health professionals.

thus to be informed on pointing to the evaluation of the situation of Curitiba front to the injury. INFUENZA CONCEPTS Influenza H1N1 is a virus with molecular properties of the human viruses influenza, swine and aviary, resultant of frequent antigenic alterations. It is subdivided in types, B and C. Are distinguished of this form that this subtype of is related It to the Influenzavirus to the pandemic that reached the world in 2009 reached individuals without previous immunity to this virus, and that it was it is capable to cause illness in the man for demonstrating efficient transmission between human beings.

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Rio De Janeiro

CONCLUSION During the elaboration of this article was observed, the importance that the health professionals must have on the immediate cares with purperas developing injunctions in the public net come back not only the health of the gestante, but of the woman in general, not only during the childbirth, but, over all days after. It is of basic importance also the cares that the woman must have with its body, its health and its just born. The woman must stimulate the understanding of the friend in relation to the critical phases of the immediate puerprio, as well as emotions and feelings proceeding from this period offering it a humanizada assistance, with much security and respect. In this period the woman feels many pains and needs rest, and if to feed well, to suckle its son in the chest if to feel happy and carried through; to always have a good relationship with its familiar ones, to be protected by its husband, because in many cases they occur to the affective lack that they can produce guilt feeling and cimes. This work was of basic importance so that the performance of the paper of careful, taking in consideration the preventive side, because purperas they need aid, affection, patience, that do not have pains, nor of the body and nor of the soul. Continuously to make complementary visits to its gynecologist and examinations so that it continues to have a healthful life. The objectives had been to point and to tell the main immediate cares with the woman, therefore the puerprio is very important and needs without a doubt many cares and attention. The information had been extracted of continuous research to the library, with the use of books, scientific magazines and articles.

REFERENCES Barros, Sonia Maria Oliveira de obsttrica and gynecological Enfermagem, 1. Ed. So Paulo, Roca Ltda., 2002. Erna E. Ziegel, R.N., M.A., 8.

Ed. Rio de Janeiro, Guanabara Koogan s.a., 1985. Ferreira, Aurlio Buarque of Holland, 4.Ed. Rio De Janeiro, New Border. S.a., 2000. Freitas, Fernando de Rotinas in Obstetricses, 4. Ed. Porto Alegre, Artmed, 2001. Neme, Bussmara de Basic Obstetrcia, 2. Ed. So Paulo, Sarvier, 2000. Rezende, Jorge of Obstetricses, 9. Ed. Rio De Janeiro, Guanabara Koogan, 2002

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According to Smeltzer (2005, P. 981), in the physical examination it must: to evaluate the respiratory system, auscultates including it careful of the pulmes and the use of accessory muscle, to evaluate the cardiac system including the careful inspection for any edema and signals of cardiac insufficience, must be observed the skin how much exantemas, petquias and equimoses and be examined escleras for the jaundice. For being an activity of the nurse, it must always is intent for some cares that must be taken before, during and after the installation of the components to be transfundidos, thus preventing a damage to the patient or an error on the part of the professional who could be fatal to the patient. FIOCRUZ (2000, p.74) divides the cares in the transfusion in three stages: Cares in the Installation of the transfusion: to Verificar medical lapsing, to confer given of the handbook, to identify the customer necessarily; to Conferir the passed time enters the exit of hemocomponente of the hemoterapia service and the beginning of transfusion, this does not have to be superior the 30 minutes; Apresenta it the customer, communicating the procedure the one that will be submitted; Avaliar the aspect (color, validity, integrity, hemlise and cogulo) and rotulao of the component; to Conferir the data of the label of the component to be transfundido; To mount the transfusional system, having to use one I equip proper for the transfusion. To verify and to write down the vital signals of the patient before initiating the transfusion of any hemocomponente; to Escolher calibroso venoso access for the puno, if the vein already will be punched, all the other medications that will be being infundidas in this venosa line must be suspended until it finishes the transfusion. Final the blood is forbidden to the concomitant infusion of any substance together with, the only exception to this rule is the physiological serum.

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Mining Association

From now on, the subject becomes object of governmental actions, deformed isolated, if to base with Portaria n. 196/83, and the publications dPortarias 935/92, of Law the 9431/97 and would carry it 2,616/98 in vigor currently, ambasdo Ministry of Sade (MS). Some centers of training had been created in all the country and courses decapacitao for the control of the hospital infections (IH) had been carried through. Otema then is widely socialized between the institutions and professionals of health. In the end of the decade of 80, three great importantesassociaes of professionals of the health for the study and control of infeceshospitalares had been created: So Paulo association of Study Control of Infeco Hospitalar (APECIH), Mining Association of Studies in Hospitalar infection (AMECIH), Brazilian Association of Professionals in Control of Infeco Hospitalar (ABIH). Years 90 had marked a gradual consuming in the Program of Control Brazilian Hospital deInfeco, exactly with the publication of Portaria MS n 930/1992.A politics of decentralization of the actions of health, supported for the Law n8.080/1990, provoked the spalling and dispersion of the bases of support in controlede hospital infection of the Health department. The effect of this descentralizaoculminou in the formation of nuclei of professionals in some States with intuitode to keep exchanges of experiences, giving origin to some deprofissionais associations in infection control.

4Em 1992, the Health department made to be valid would carry it n 930, which dispunhada creation of the Control service of Infeco Hospitalar (SCIH), of the search ativasdos cases of infection, of deantimicrobianos the administrative abilities and the rational use. From the principles related in this it would carry, Law 9431 that foisancionada in the year of 1997, it institutes the obligatoriness of the Control service deInfeco Hospitalar (SCIH) in all the hospitals of Brazil. The Ministry of the Sadejuntamente with expertises in what it refers to the Hospital Infections had elaborated would arrive in port 2616, that it revoked, until then effective Would carry 930 of 1992.A would carry 2616 defines infection in two pursuings: hospital ecomunitria.

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The Statute

Seen the necessity of the insertion of the education in health in all the scopes of youth, fit to the professionals sensitization to work with this objective. The nursing is distinguished for being closely on to the human being and worried about its well-being, it is fit in the challenge of actions in Education in Health that allow to stimulate the young to the critical reflection of its reality. It is basic that the Nursing places in the center of the debates on health quarrels concerning techniques which can be submitted the specific groups, that is, people contextualizadas in one same reality. 2. REVISION OF LITERATURE 2,1 ADOLESCENCE the adolescence drift of Latin adolescere, that it means ' ' crescer' '. Adolescence is the period of the life human being between the puberty and the virility; youth; youth.

The Statute of the Child and the Adolescent, Law n. 8,069/90, circumscribes the adolescence as the period of life that goes of the 12 to the 18 years of age. The World-wide Organization of Sade (OMS) delimits the adolescence as the second decade of life (10 to the 19 years) and youth as the period that goes of the 15 to the 24 years. Health department takes for base the definition of the OMS. Moreira (2007, p.313) affirms that: ' ' The adolescence is a period of changes, caused for its special synergy of biological, psychic, social and cultural factors. In this phase, the young one if sees in way the new relations with the family, the way where it lives, I obtain exactly and with the other adolescents. It is in this period of the life that occurs the transistion of a state of dependence for relative other of independncia.' ' Being the adolescence a process of biopsicossocial development, can be marked by crises, difficulties, malaise and anguish. When abandoning the infantile condition and searching the ingression in the adult world, the adolescent suffers additions in its psychic income.

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Graviola has as native country Tropical America and also the Peruvian valleys, being known it in the Spanish language as guanbano. Venezuela is the producing greater south American of graviola, that it is as it is called here in Brazil. In our country, graviola has its commercial importance, well small in relation to the other countries, but north-eastern, in the city of Trair, in the Cear, already some plantios organized well of this fruit can be found. The fruit of graviola receives some names, depending on the region, that it meets: jaca of Par, jaca of poor person, araticum tame and heart of queen. Its format seems a heart arriving to measure 30 centimeters, being that its weight can arrive the 10 kilos. In each fruit, one meets 100 seeds black when it is harvested, being that after one days, them they are of brown color.

In the content of 100 grams of pulp, many properties are found, as: 24mg of calcium, 28mg of match, 0,5 mg of iron, 20mg of vitamin, 1gr. of protein, 0,07 MG. of B1 vitamin, 0,05 MG. of B2 vitamin, 26mg. of vitamin C. It has made studies being in animals with this fruit and many of them affirm that it helps to fight the cancer, but nothing he was proven until then. North-eastern Brazilian, the predominant one is graviola Creole, also northeastern call, with soft pulp, sub acid and candy, it arrives to weigh, of 1,5 3,0Kg. Its pulp, is more used for the manufacture of concentrated juices, congealed pulps, ices cream, jellies, creams, drinks, refreshments, but although it to be of difficult digestion, also is consumed pure, with sugar.

To know some fruits is important to be able to use to advantage the properties that they supply in them. Therefore of time in when, we go to make different juices for our important family, being repassed this and other information, that come to get on the origin and property of the same ones. Thus when our children to hear to speak of definitive fruits, they go to know, which is its flavor. Potencialize its diet with NutrCut.

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The Work

The quality of life in the work is an including and compromised understanding of the conditions of life in the work, that includes aspects of well-being, guarantee of the health and physical, mental and social security, and qualification to carry through tasks with security and good use of personal energy. It does not only depend on a part, that is, it depends simultaneously on the individual and the organization, and is this the challenge that encloses the individual and the organization (IT HISSES, 2000). FINAL CONSIDERAES According to Saints (1987 apud IN SERVICE, 2001) the institution of the supervision in nursing represent a process of viabilizao of the guarantee of a result favorable, relative to the continuity of the assistance in quantitative terms. The quality of life in the work is the determinative greater of the quality of life. Life without work has not meant Thus being, in the society contemporary, the work started to occupy a central place in the life of the man, more specifically the organizacional work. (HADDAD, 2000). Pizzolli (2004 apud SCORSIN, 2005) still affirms, the pride of the work in itself and the institution if it conflicts with a considered remuneration unjust and unsatisfactory conditions of work for the overload of tasks in a profession already for estressante itself. Matsuda and vora (2005 apud SCORSIN, 2000), consider that independent of the place and the used methodology, the subject professional satisfaction in the nursing deserves to be investigated by the leaderships in order them difficulties and the effect that intervene with the professional and its work to be able to be detected and to be minimized. Being thus the nursing professionals it must be worried in valuing the being and making of the nursing, providing a quality of satisfactory life reaching recognition and professional valuation in what it says respect to the leadership in the team.

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Dr Simon Baruch

Dr. Simon Baruch was born in 1841 in a city of the Prssia in the Poland and faleceu in 1921 in New York to the eighty years of age and, to the fifteen years of age it was changed for the United States where started its career in Medicine. Known as ' ' pioneer of the Hidroterapia' ' , Baruch was distinguished for some discoveries on the water as a resource to promote the health and its effect in the human organism, facts that had given the heading of ' ' The father of the Hidroterapia cientfica' '. Law of Baruch When the temperature of the water is equal of the more cold skin or has the effect to stimulate the organism, therefore when the same one is hotter it has the sedative effect. In its book ' ' The success of the treatment of the Tifide&#039 fever; ' in 1893, Baruch presented the treatment of the fever through the cold water as attempt to diminish the corporal temperature. The temperature of the water was the essential key for the treatment. One uncovered then that the reply of the cutaneous circulation to the one extrinsical motivation and mechanics, could promote the welfare physicist or not. Test of Baruch Leaving of the principle that the temperature of the water had the key for the success of the maiorias of the medical cases, Baruch developed a test that could synthecize the time and the reaction that each patient could show in definitive temperatures of the water. The method had the recognition of ' ' Test of Reativa&#039 Capacity; ' , that is the capacity of the organism in reacting the application of the heat and the cold with variations of temperature of the climate and conditions of health of the proper studied person. The experience was very simple, but to each patient, Baruch by rough estimate developed the perception of the time of reaction of each individual thus training naked the time, the coloration and the reaction of periods of training of slowest or faster, of all the process in the testagem.

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