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CONCLUSION During the elaboration of this article was observed, the importance that the health professionals must have on the immediate cares with purperas developing injunctions in the public net come back not only the health of the gestante, but of the woman in general, not only during the childbirth, but, over all days after. It is of basic importance also the cares that the woman must have with its body, its health and its just born. The woman must stimulate the understanding of the friend in relation to the critical phases of the immediate puerprio, as well as emotions and feelings proceeding from this period offering it a humanizada assistance, with much security and respect. In this period the woman feels many pains and needs rest, and if to feed well, to suckle its son in the chest if to feel happy and carried through; to always have a good relationship with its familiar ones, to be protected by its husband, because in many cases they occur to the affective lack that they can produce guilt feeling and cimes. This work was of basic importance so that the performance of the paper of careful, taking in consideration the preventive side, because purperas they need aid, affection, patience, that do not have pains, nor of the body and nor of the soul. Continuously to make complementary visits to its gynecologist and examinations so that it continues to have a healthful life. The objectives had been to point and to tell the main immediate cares with the woman, therefore the puerprio is very important and needs without a doubt many cares and attention. The information had been extracted of continuous research to the library, with the use of books, scientific magazines and articles.

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