Pregnancy Woman

Can be several times a day wiping the body with a damp towel. Care is extremely important for the external genitalia. We must be alert to the possibility that during pregnancy strengthened somewhat vaginal discharge. This discharge must be regularly removed, otherwise the skin and mucous membrane irritation occurs in the form of redness. External genitalia should undermine at least 2-3 times a day. If a woman is accustomed to swim in natural water bodies, located near her house, or in the pool, you can not change their habit until about mid-pregnancy, and if the pregnancy proceeds normally, and the woman has no problems with health, and it is a good swimmer, you can swim in natural bodies of water (in pools) and up to 7 th month of pregnancy, inclusive. However, always remember that swimming in cold water too, not to mention the ice, during pregnancy is contraindicated.

This can lead to seizures, as well as – to the uterus. Bathing in natural waters and in swimming pools does not replace cleaning. Such bathing can be taken only as a refreshing, tempering procedures, or as entertainment. In the water of rivers and lakes there are a lot of germs and microscopic algae, in pools of water is stagnant – and that means, too, with micro-organisms in the full scenario. Therefore, after bathing "in nature" to wash at home – in the shower – will not be superfluous.

Women who are accustomed to, from time to time douche, ie rinse the vagina during pregnancy should abandon this procedure, because Firstly, with the wash waters can make the vagina infection and cause disease in an inflammatory nature, and secondly, douching is an irritant to the uterus and the result may lead to abortion. Bedding and clothing should be changed more often than usual. Especially in the second half of pregnancy when a woman because of the physiological causes more sweating. Not recommended to use soap irritates the skin. Often many Soap for women opt for its flavor – as well as perfumes and deodorants. But a pleasant smell not the main resistance with value-quality soap. Leather woman during pregnancy is becoming more delicate, more sensitive and vulnerable. And now the choice for purchase must fall on the soft glycerin soap or classical – baby. During pregnancy a woman should abstain from and favorite creams and ointments that she inflicted on your skin before pregnancy. Case that creams and ointments tightly clog pores and thereby prevent it from breathing, as well as to provide end products of metabolism. It does harm – albeit small, but still hurt. Meanwhile, in the crucial period of his life – a period Pregnancy – everything that does (or does not) a woman, intended to serve one purpose – to normal fetal development.

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