Beautiful Views

Quite often one can observe a very cheerless scene, actually when right down the street are the owner of purebred dogs. And while the owner is very pleased with the form, and his dog, by contrast, looks tired and is not healthy. A simple Asked what happened to the dog, the owner is likely that a reasonable answer can not. A simple question on what feed is likely to respond that the same, that eats and his entire extended family. It was then and is a complete key of this painful kind of dog.

Not everything that can consume a simple man is good for the dog. For example, even the seemingly ordinary sweets, which are eaten with half a kilo, the ordinary person is in principle can not hurt, can not be said about any dog. Maybe even a candy can lead to serious diseases in dogs, the result of their symptoms may be balding and crumbling teeth. In general, what you like food edible for humans, may be too oily or salty for a dog of any breed and no matter what age. All the same can be said about vitamins, for example, if an ordinary person gets his daily rate, with regular and proper nutrition, with all the usual food, the dog vitamins present in foods is not fully digested. Out of this situation exists.

So, if the owner of this adores his precious dog and is able to appreciate her as his friend, he just simply has to give her a professionally built, dry dog food. Producers of dry food, spending more than a thousand kinds of experiments and were able to achieve the best combination of all trace elements and vitamins required, necessary for being cheerful whatever the dog. In addition, the packages specifically indicate to which age and the actual weight of the dog, is a given dry food. Absolutely not, in principle a long time managed to attend the next exhibition of beautiful and purebred dogs. Any such exhibition, it is very important and responsible event for both hosts and to own dogs. worth noting that in such event, or more accurately a bright holiday, are prepared in advance. Think through a haircut, develop gait, and spend some original team. Sometimes on training take weeks or even for months. However, without looking at the big existing competition, it's all worth the effort. At this exhibition won the Yorkshire terrier dog. It is also worth noting that the opinion of the jury, was completely identical with the opinion of the vast number of those present. Allowing interested imprinted with his faithful dog, the owner opened the secret of their joint success achieved. Proper daily foot fresh air and good nutrition, thanks to Pedigree dog food and have become the foundation of their success. But it should be noted that, maintained silence about what a shy hostess that has helped to win the exhibition, the mutual sense of understanding, which brought the dog and her owner in the quest for victory.

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Intellectual Deficiency

Before everything it would like to say of the deep admiration for people with mental deficiency, also of the importance of same and its families, who if become source of inspiration and much learning. One of the biggest learnings gotten in the contact with these people is that it exists, in the diversity a form to surpass limitations and preconceptions. The society if has worried about the inclusion of the deficient intellectual (used term more, currently, for mental deficiency), in the diverse scopes of the social life, being that, to the few, they have reached a gradual improvement in its quality of life. We have that to reflect on its true capacities and limitations, for then making possible one better respect. Further details can be found at Dr. Stuart M. McGill, an internet resource. Mental deficiency characterizes for an inferior intellectual functioning the average, with limitations associates the two or more than following areas of abilities adaptativa: communication, auto care, social life in the home, abilities, use of functional community, homing, health and security, academic abilities, leisure and work. It has some factors that can take subject to an intellectual deficiency, as for example: chromosomic alterations, malformation of the nervous system, cerebral injuries acquired and related problems the sociocultural factors.

If they do not use more the terminology light, moderate, severe and deep deficiency mental. Currently, it is looked to make a detailed evaluation of the individual and to give the specific support that it needs. This support is important to favor independence or interdepedncia, the productivity and the participation in the society, with intention to provide to the individual a satisfactory personal life. The support is classified of this form: intermittent, limited, extensive and generalized. So that a desestruturao in the family does not happen, the members must take conscience of the new reality. Thus it will have growth in the familiar environment, with the awareness of the responsibility on the care with this child, through the devotion and of it I assist loan..

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Great Barrier Reef

Kuzovok longhorned yellow (fish-cow) – Lacloha cornuta or Ostracion cornutus – fish funny rectangular unit Iglobryuhoobraznye, family Kuzovkov (Ostraciidae or Ostraciontidae). Family includes 14 genera and 30 species. Body Kuzovkov longhorned yellow in section is almost square. It is protected by armor, consisting of a solid bony plates. The plates usually have a hexagonal shape with holes for the eyes, mouth, fins, anus and gill slits. Fins have Kuzovkov longhorned yellow, very small. No pelvic fins, and dorsal presented only mild back. Kuzovkov eyes are large and highly elevated.

At the front of the head are hornlike protuberances. Kuzovok longhorned yellow reaches a length of 10 to 50 cm, but the aquarium is rarely more than 6-8 sm.Dlya protection from predators Kuzovok longhorned yellow thrown into the water a strong poison – ostratsitoksin produced its tissues. Fish-cow lives in shallow coastal areas with sandy or pebbly bottom. She leads a territorial way of life. Sometimes Kuzovkov occur in the open ocean, getting there by strong currents. In nature Kuzovok longhorned yellow bottom feeders invertebrates (holothurians and other echinoderms, sponges, crustaceans), some species supplement their diet with algae. Food Kuzovkov mined as follows: running water, they wash the sand from the bottom of the lagoon, revealing small bespozvonochnyh.Kuzovok longhorned yellow (fish-cow) provides spawning at night, eggs float freely in water. Habitat: Representatives of the family Kuzovkov prevalent in tropical and subtropical waters of the Atlantic, Pacific and Indian Oceans.

Habitat Kuzovkov longhorned yellow – Red Sea, Indo-Pacific, Great Barrier Reef. Content in Alushta aquarium: Because of the toxins that allocates Kuzovok longhorned yellow, many hobbyists are afraid of wind the fish. In a small volume of the aquarium dedicated Kuzovkov poison will destroy all the inhabitants. In Alushta aquarium uzovok longhorned yellow contained in a spacious tank with a water temperature of 26 C, illuminated by fluorescent lights. The aquarium should not be a strong current. Making an aquarium can be a mixed coral and algae. Fish-Cow peacefully coexist with non-aggressive fish of other species, other than its food competitors. Kuzovkov not tolerate damage to the skin pokrovov.Kuzovok longhorned yellow omnivorous. In our aquarium, it feeds different animals fed with meat of marine invertebrates. For the full ration is also necessary to give plant food.

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Puppy Dog

For example, no child had expected help from their four-legged friend in case of illness. However, in the first dog was named most favorite companion, giving solace in the mountain or the keeper of secrets. According to the children in their attitude to the dog – it is affection, trust, and lack of conflict. Many opponents of the animals may object: a baby not only learns to love and compassion, but of the tortured puppy. Firstly, to torment the animal is not so easy – even a small puppy can stand up for themselves or, in extreme cases, simply to hide.

And secondly, it depends on relationship to the animal adult – child will copy their behavior. If parents take the puppy as a new family member, then it will be another child, if the same animal as a piece of furniture, then the child quickly learn indifference and cruelty to any living animal on suschestvu.Vliyanie full development of the child. * A dog is the first source of knowledge about nature. The child sees an animal – he runs to him, recognize the names, marks the difference, knows his behavior. * A dog is a source of sensor systems. None of educational toys can not be compared with nature. The child immediately sees through the senses object: shape, size, color, odor, spatial location, movement, softness, texture hair …

* Dogs are the source for the development of logical thinking. Based on the representations of animals, children learn to see connections and dependence: puppy whines in bowls – the hungry, hiding – hunted. * Dogs – the source for various activities – watching the game, work, work … The result is a curiosity, observation, develops imagination. * Puppy – a source of first experiences and joy. Child is experiencing positive emotions in dealing with the dog. * In the process of communication in the child develop a sense of beauty. He learns to see the natural beauty. * In the process of child learns to be careful (passive) and caring (active) attitude towards wildlife in general. Thus, the child forms the basis of ecological culture, which is an integral part of culture. If the family already has a pet and baby appears, the animal's behavior in any case the same: your pet is not always ready to accept the fact that now hosts the attention will be focused on someone else. However, the output is simple – you need to understand your pet, that he still love and try to pay attention to him. It is best to communicate with children dogs from 1 to 5 years. They are not as excitable as a young age, and not irritable from geriatric diseases. Of course, it is necessary to take into account the nature of your pet. Remarkably, if your pet – dog breed labrador, retriever, spaniel: they are intelligent, affectionate. These rocks have traditionally been considered "family." Dog breeds such as collies, feel themselves masters of the house, so they often are not considered a child. But at the same time the dog is "shepherd" of the breed may look after the child, acting as a nanny. Puppy now!

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Bosnai Bead

We do not have enough time, money, sympathy, we are often frustrated and unhappy. How do we sometimes lack the opportunity to balance your thoughts and feelings! We hope that the dialogue with our work will help you to tune in harmony and good will in your home comfort and peace, and your family and friends love and understanding. Bonsai Bead – one of the most original gifts. Producing each work on individual designs, we guarantee that you will exclusivity of your purchase. Original gift – what could be nicer and gives to the giver.

Miniature trees have long been regarded as the trees of happiness and prosperity. Money tree set in the house of a favorable environment for capital inflows. Original gift favorite, the boss just a friend. A miniature tree of love – an original gift favorite. Presenting souvenir tree of love, you confess, not only in feelings, but also will show itself an original person. A mother, grandmother, sister? Do not they deserve throughout the year to admire blooming lilacs drunk or never fading orchid? Original gift Head – Bonsai of natural stones. Original gift boyfriend – Bonsai-dragon, which symbolizes stability, a prosperous future, health and motivation. Between wildlife and the world of minerals, no sharp edges.

'Undead' stones – gems too live grow, change according to certain laws. Original gifts for the wedding – love blossoming trees, symbolizing the long and happy married life. Energy contained in natural stones and beads by nature, is waiting his time – meeting with the man. That's when a miracle occurs and interaction. Only man can appreciate the beauty and grandeur of natural stones and beads, and they willingly shared with the person in their properties, allows use the power of its energy. Each bead is handcrafted wood. We use only quality materials – Czech and Japanese seed beads, do not faint over the years, natural stones. Miniature Veta and the trees are not joy, happiness, but also serve as excellent interior decoration. Look – this is something special! You can make an original gift!

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Need Cats

From the third week of the kittens are gradually fed solid food (meat, fish, etc.) from a flat dish, ie, begin to feed on the diet of growing youngsters. When feeding, older cats need to take into account that the age-related cell death, proliferation and delay aging bodies lead to a breach of digestion and absorption. Such cats are also often observed poor dental health. In this period of life need for calories decreases and increases the need for protein, minerals, micronutrients and vitamins. However, it is primarily concerned with castrated or sterilized aging animals, but not cats, who, despite his age, still used for breeding and at reduced capacity for absorption in need of a large number of high quality and easily digestible food. Daily ration of older cats should be divided into 2-3 portions, ie, these animals are fed more often, avoiding unusual change of feed. It is better not to include in the feed was indigestible ballast material, animal bones and fish. Appetite loss in this period of life cats can prevent vitamin injections of sex hormones.

To avoid obesity or malnutrition aging cat, it must be properly fed, not forgetting the optimal ratio between the portions of food and the load. Corresponding to the needs of balanced feeding cats can be considered as a basis maintain its health and productivity (at the dilution). Cats have a common vitamin and mineral deficiency, as well as failure in some nutrients due to a monotonous diet or refraining from other food is a known perversity cats.

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Quarantine Aquarium Fish

Many beginning hobbyists, acquiring a pet store or bird market aquarium fish, have no idea what harm they can cause your aquarium by purchasing new fish is already sick. We are a few tips to help you avoid the consequences of infection of your home pond, using quarantine for ornamental fish. Why the need for quarantine? It's no secret that a large number of aquarium fish brought in for sale in our country because of border. Fish from Asia (Singapore, Thailand and China) often appears in our pet stores directly from the fish-breeding farms, ponds are located in the open air, without undergoing pre-treatment of parasites. For this is needed and quarantine aquarium fish.

Do all fish quarantine? Firms exist in our country receive aquarium fish from Asia that were previously used quarantine aquarium fish again brought by the party. But many firms have sent the goods arrived in the country as it is. But not everyone even the experienced aquarist at the eye will be able to determine whether healthy fish swimming in an aquarium with the seller. Fish may be somewhat weeks to look beautiful and active, but after a while become lethargic and skinny and lose its former brightness of color, on this, getting a new resident of your home pond, be sure to spend quarantine for her. How to conduct quarantine? There are several ways how to spend the quarantine aquarium fish. One of them is very simple given below. 1. Waters quarantine should be without a ground.

2. Feed fish during the quarantine by a few not perekarmlivaya. 3. For prevention, add in a quarantine aquarium methylene blue at the rate of 5 ml. 20 liters of water. 4. Add table salt 1 tablespoon per 15 liters (catfish koridorasam salt is contraindicated). 5. Monitor the behavior of the fish and cover at least two weeks. 6. If after two weeks, bought a fish feels the same cheerful and well fed and well swims safely to transplant it into a general Aquarium. 7. If the changes did take place, then apply to such fish have treatment on the basis of symptoms. So you know in what form, you can often buy aquarium fish, and taking advantage of our tips conduct quarantine aquarium fish you avoid unpleasant consequences and will not allow the disease to your aquarium inhabitants of the economy.

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Pregnancy Woman

Can be several times a day wiping the body with a damp towel. Care is extremely important for the external genitalia. We must be alert to the possibility that during pregnancy strengthened somewhat vaginal discharge. This discharge must be regularly removed, otherwise the skin and mucous membrane irritation occurs in the form of redness. External genitalia should undermine at least 2-3 times a day. If a woman is accustomed to swim in natural water bodies, located near her house, or in the pool, you can not change their habit until about mid-pregnancy, and if the pregnancy proceeds normally, and the woman has no problems with health, and it is a good swimmer, you can swim in natural bodies of water (in pools) and up to 7 th month of pregnancy, inclusive. However, always remember that swimming in cold water too, not to mention the ice, during pregnancy is contraindicated.

This can lead to seizures, as well as – to the uterus. Bathing in natural waters and in swimming pools does not replace cleaning. Such bathing can be taken only as a refreshing, tempering procedures, or as entertainment. In the water of rivers and lakes there are a lot of germs and microscopic algae, in pools of water is stagnant – and that means, too, with micro-organisms in the full scenario. Therefore, after bathing "in nature" to wash at home – in the shower – will not be superfluous.

Women who are accustomed to, from time to time douche, ie rinse the vagina during pregnancy should abandon this procedure, because Firstly, with the wash waters can make the vagina infection and cause disease in an inflammatory nature, and secondly, douching is an irritant to the uterus and the result may lead to abortion. Bedding and clothing should be changed more often than usual. Especially in the second half of pregnancy when a woman because of the physiological causes more sweating. Not recommended to use soap irritates the skin. Often many Soap for women opt for its flavor – as well as perfumes and deodorants. But a pleasant smell not the main resistance with value-quality soap. Leather woman during pregnancy is becoming more delicate, more sensitive and vulnerable. And now the choice for purchase must fall on the soft glycerin soap or classical – baby. During pregnancy a woman should abstain from and favorite creams and ointments that she inflicted on your skin before pregnancy. Case that creams and ointments tightly clog pores and thereby prevent it from breathing, as well as to provide end products of metabolism. It does harm – albeit small, but still hurt. Meanwhile, in the crucial period of his life – a period Pregnancy – everything that does (or does not) a woman, intended to serve one purpose – to normal fetal development.

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“Grow Up Healthy, Baby!” Expands Position ABC Growth !

All-Russian program 'grow up healthy, baby! " expanding its position working with young families and offers shopping and information portal 'ABC of Growth' "grow up healthy, baby!" expands the position of ABC growth! All-Russian project "Growing Up Healthy, kid!" In which gifts are given to mothers who gave birth in many Russian cities, is expanding its position and opened an online store of quality children's products "ABC of growth!". Online shop baby goods "ABC Growth" promises to be a place where my mother be able to receive professional advice on the quality of children's products, to communicate and express their views about the market of services for children and mothers and also participate in photo contests and win prizes. Website Azbuka growth "- one of the areas of developing programs of unity and support for mothers of Russia" grow up healthy, baby! "- The main direction of which: Gifts and relevant information to support families with newborns. Program "grow up healthy, baby!" Since April 1999 and covers 39 regions (85 cities), Russia, and officially held at: 253 maternity 211 female Consultation Program "grow up healthy, baby!" held under the auspices of the regional health committees. With 10 years of carrying out the Program "grow up healthy, baby!" Received gifts of more than 2 million mothers. Commerce and Information Portal "ABC growth", named after the handbook for new parents, which is distributed free in hospitals has been 5 years. "ABC of Growth" – a unique reference book for parents with children aged 0 and older. In 24 regions of Russia directory "ABCs Growth is distributed free in hospitals and antenatal clinics, along with gift bags Programs" grow up healthy, baby! ". In Moscow, in addition to investments in the gift package sent to guide moms 2 times after birth: When a child is 6 months When a child turns 1 year

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Health Review Lifestyle

State of the pregnant woman is not required of it by any dramatic changes in behavior, mode and manner of life. After the pregnancy – is not a disease, but a natural process. Your body is an amazing way adapts to-increasing demands. But for a better pregnancy and its successful completion you will be helpful to pay attention to such moments as physical activity, good nutrition, performance hygiene and other important issues. Moderate exercise and daily exercises a positive effect on pregnancy, prevent the emergence of excess weight, strengthen muscles and, consequently, facilitate the process of childbirth. Before you begin the exercise you should consult with your doctor. If everything is in order, you can safely begin training. Do not forget to breathe at the same time, raslablyatsya after school and, of course, enjoy the process.

Personal hygiene during pregnancy has certain characteristics which need to know. Careful hand washing, especially before eating, daily showers, regular change of underwear and bedding help to preserve your health. Advisable to wear underwear made of natural fabric, iron it is recommended that on the inside. Sometimes everyday uses of detergents in the care of the external genitalia may cause dryness and irritation of sensitive skin. Therefore, in the absence of inflammatory processes, periodically in the care of They can be simple ispozovat clean water. Douching during pregnancy is contraindicated. You also need to pay sufficient attention to cleanliness in the apartment. When cleaning with bleach, use caution tools and various chemicals. They can be toxic and cause harm to an unborn baby.

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