“Grow Up Healthy, Baby!” Expands Position ABC Growth !

All-Russian program 'grow up healthy, baby! " expanding its position working with young families and offers shopping and information portal 'ABC of Growth' "grow up healthy, baby!" expands the position of ABC growth! All-Russian project "Growing Up Healthy, kid!" In which gifts are given to mothers who gave birth in many Russian cities, is expanding its position and opened an online store of quality children's products "ABC of growth!". Online shop baby goods "ABC Growth" promises to be a place where my mother be able to receive professional advice on the quality of children's products, to communicate and express their views about the market of services for children and mothers and also participate in photo contests and win prizes. Website Azbuka growth "- one of the areas of developing programs of unity and support for mothers of Russia" grow up healthy, baby! "- The main direction of which: Gifts and relevant information to support families with newborns. Program "grow up healthy, baby!" Since April 1999 and covers 39 regions (85 cities), Russia, and officially held at: 253 maternity 211 female Consultation Program "grow up healthy, baby!" held under the auspices of the regional health committees. With 10 years of carrying out the Program "grow up healthy, baby!" Received gifts of more than 2 million mothers. Commerce and Information Portal "ABC growth", named after the handbook for new parents, which is distributed free in hospitals has been 5 years. "ABC of Growth" – a unique reference book for parents with children aged 0 and older. In 24 regions of Russia directory "ABCs Growth is distributed free in hospitals and antenatal clinics, along with gift bags Programs" grow up healthy, baby! ". In Moscow, in addition to investments in the gift package sent to guide moms 2 times after birth: When a child is 6 months When a child turns 1 year

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