Graviola has as native country Tropical America and also the Peruvian valleys, being known it in the Spanish language as guanbano. Venezuela is the producing greater south American of graviola, that it is as it is called here in Brazil. In our country, graviola has its commercial importance, well small in relation to the other countries, but north-eastern, in the city of Trair, in the Cear, already some plantios organized well of this fruit can be found. The fruit of graviola receives some names, depending on the region, that it meets: jaca of Par, jaca of poor person, araticum tame and heart of queen. Its format seems a heart arriving to measure 30 centimeters, being that its weight can arrive the 10 kilos. In each fruit, one meets 100 seeds black when it is harvested, being that after one days, them they are of brown color.

In the content of 100 grams of pulp, many properties are found, as: 24mg of calcium, 28mg of match, 0,5 mg of iron, 20mg of vitamin, 1gr. of protein, 0,07 MG. of B1 vitamin, 0,05 MG. of B2 vitamin, 26mg. of vitamin C. It has made studies being in animals with this fruit and many of them affirm that it helps to fight the cancer, but nothing he was proven until then. North-eastern Brazilian, the predominant one is graviola Creole, also northeastern call, with soft pulp, sub acid and candy, it arrives to weigh, of 1,5 3,0Kg. Its pulp, is more used for the manufacture of concentrated juices, congealed pulps, ices cream, jellies, creams, drinks, refreshments, but although it to be of difficult digestion, also is consumed pure, with sugar.

To know some fruits is important to be able to use to advantage the properties that they supply in them. Therefore of time in when, we go to make different juices for our important family, being repassed this and other information, that come to get on the origin and property of the same ones. Thus when our children to hear to speak of definitive fruits, they go to know, which is its flavor. Potencialize its diet with NutrCut.

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