Healthy Chicken Recipe

? Here is a recipe for success in the big occasions! It’s a chicken with vegetables and red wine worthy of the best restaurants. Ingredients for 4 people: 1 large chicken (chopped if possible) 1 litre wine red wine 1 large carrot (or several small) 1 onion grained black pepper bay leaf flour salt oil preparation: Ideally, the chicken was prepared the night before, but if not, there is no problem. In a glass bowl put previously seasoned chicken pieces, chop the carrot and onion and add them. We also add a few grains of black pepper, bay leaf and red wine, and let marinando during 12 h (if we can). Once passed this time took the chicken and dry with kitchen paper, passed in flour and fry over medium in a skillet with oil heat. When the chicken is well roasted we introduce it in a pot to pressure and then add the contents of the Bowl (red wine, onions) and cook it in the slow cooker for 3-4 minutes. Once It has finished cooking put the pieces of chicken in a deep frying pan and with a blender blend the sauce that has been inside the pot (previously will have to first remove the bay leaf). When we have the sauce well crushed the next step will be adding it to the pan with the chicken and bring to boil over medium heat for a couple of minutes. And we will have already finished, we will have a chicken the sea of professional. Original author and source of the article.

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Fertility in Older Women

Do you believe that forty years can not get nothing better because it is living the life that he has always wanted with the success that it has achieved? There is a feeling of emptiness when he realized that these things become useless when you have no one with whom to share it? If you see that your life is going through only one reading of the above questions, then this is the right place for you.At forty, many women are successful in their careers and are living the life you have always wanted. But many are beginning to realise the importance of having a son, and frequently will question because something considered impossible to become pregnant at this age. At this age women are in the locked position by so many issues that they think it is too late so they can become pregnant.If you are one of the fortunate few who have determination, this article will give you some helpful tips in making the best choices for getting pregnant. I know you must be emotionally and physically difficult to take a decision for you, but you have to keep in mind is that you are not alone.There are women out there who are going through the same as you.Rather than think of the happiness that comes to you when I managed to get pregnant.To read this column you will discover some secrets that can make it happen for you. Be not afraid of complications the number one factor that prevents women from go forward with the pregnancy at this age is fear.This is a natural consequence, because when the body becomes greater it is possible that complications.But always remember it is important to keep in mind that exercise and a proper diet can help to combat these complications that may arise.Therefore, if you have the certainty of the shape that has kept his body in the past years, then there is no reason to be overcome by fear. Refer to your GYN when you’ve finally won this determination to achieve getting pregnant at forty then the next important step to be taken is consult an expert.Your doctor It can give you a holistic perspective of the condition of your body.This is an essential step not only for the women of your age but for any woman who wants to get pregnant at any age.When I was going through the same thing, remember the advice that gave me my doctor and some suggestions that she gave to make it easier for me to stay pregnant.You pospongas not get the opinion of your doctor and go and get it today.

Locate a community not everyone in the circle of his friends might be going through the same thing and it may be the only one with this situation. That is why it is important to find a community that understands what is happening.You will be able to Exchange advice and experiences with others.This will help you be more informed about their situation and allow that you can compare your notes with other women also. Here is the most effective natural remedy for infertility of all this method is so powerful that you will be able to get pregnant in the next 60 days or less in spite of all the problems of infertility and even if you are already in the 1940s. By following this simple trick, you will be able to finally have beautiful and healthy baby has always wanted.I advise you to discover this natural method to conceive doing here!

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