Valentines Day

New experience in Aladinia gifts for Valentine’s day experience activities have become a phenomenon that revolutionized various sectors (beauty and fashion, tourism, sport, wellbeing, gastronomy). I know original and different; you give not the same old and presents her with gifts to your partner this Valentine’s. You will live intense emotions that you will always remember. During the winter, triumph experience gifts related to snow: snowshoes, Alpine skiing courses, mushing (sled dogs) build an igloo for example mushing is an amazing activity that allows you to be in direct contact with nature and the animal world. In original gifts for women they attract those related to the well-being and beauty, and relax in an Arab bath, let yourself be pampered with the ritual of roses, or relax mind and body with the four hands massage. Also a change of image is a different experience, wait No more! Ponte in the hands of an expert hair stylist who will advise and It will recommend the look that most favors you.

In reference to the new original gifts for men, we found from piloting a small plane, a katesursurf course, passing through a gastronomic journey. And for those speed like that and cars can now exit the circuit to drive a Ferrari, a Porsche or a Hummer, that they have the opportunity to do so by road. Dinner on a yacht: Getaways is the perfect excuse for a romantic evening where you see dawn next to the sea. But this is just an example because there are different experiences that you will share with the person you love most: escape to a rural House, a hotel five stars, to a winery with wine tasting of wines as always your choose. About Aladinia Aladinia is a store online gift experience.

On their website you can access hundreds of activities classified by universes: wellness, gastronomy, Getaways, fantasy, water, air, adventure and engine. To offer you always the best price, offer all of their services exclusively online. You will not find us in stores: so intermediaries are removed, you can buy at the moment, and ensures the minimum price. Thanks to his career, have been nominated for Best Online shop in the E-commerce Awards 2010. In addition, just get the seal of quality trust Online, certifying as secure site for Internet users. Aladinia is the first company of gifts experience that has made campaign with the club private sales online, Privalia. Aladinia Networks S.L. Via Augusta 158, 4 4 08006 Barcelona Tel.

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Healthy Chicken Recipe

? Here is a recipe for success in the big occasions! It’s a chicken with vegetables and red wine worthy of the best restaurants. Ingredients for 4 people: 1 large chicken (chopped if possible) 1 litre wine red wine 1 large carrot (or several small) 1 onion grained black pepper bay leaf flour salt oil preparation: Ideally, the chicken was prepared the night before, but if not, there is no problem. In a glass bowl put previously seasoned chicken pieces, chop the carrot and onion and add them. We also add a few grains of black pepper, bay leaf and red wine, and let marinando during 12 h (if we can). Once passed this time took the chicken and dry with kitchen paper, passed in flour and fry over medium in a skillet with oil heat. When the chicken is well roasted we introduce it in a pot to pressure and then add the contents of the Bowl (red wine, onions) and cook it in the slow cooker for 3-4 minutes. Once It has finished cooking put the pieces of chicken in a deep frying pan and with a blender blend the sauce that has been inside the pot (previously will have to first remove the bay leaf). When we have the sauce well crushed the next step will be adding it to the pan with the chicken and bring to boil over medium heat for a couple of minutes. And we will have already finished, we will have a chicken the sea of professional. Original author and source of the article.

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