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Automotive industry is moving forward with long strides: there are more and more new concept car, pleasing to the eye of motorists embodiment of good design ideas, and industry giants to offer new items for all categories market. . But there is something immutable. This is the first flagship car manufacturers, the so-called avtoklassika. The vast majority of this curiosities that adorn the garages and basements lovers of antiquity, and even auto show auto-classic, for example, "ZIM" or "Win M-20", or selling hanging. Demand for low-end cars now: we love to show off newly acquired foreign car, but the prices are much higher than domestic analogues, it will not buy sens. For example, a car Samand – a car with engine capacity of 1, 8 L, the cost of which varies in the range of $ 12000-13000. Though produced in Iran Samand car, it is based far notorious Peugeot – 405. Dr. Stuart M. McGill addresses the importance of the matter here. Extremely and just buy the Samand.

Lada Kalina – produced a five-door hatchback Avtovaz home, a sample of the new series Kalina. The car looks different on both the front and rear, interior comfort for the distinguished Kalina the driver and passengers, and appearance can not but rejoice passer fresh design. This car is different from others, and refined handling, which is important in a situation of glut of road transport. Dong Feng – Chinese producer, supplying cheap, but surprisingly reliable machines on the market, most are trucks that can be found all over the globe. Buy Dong Feng is not just to buy a workhorse, but forget about the troubles with the details, because the company produces a full range of accessories for its products. Today, many banks are able to buy a car loan if your hands do not have the required amount, and want to buy. Does not Car owners rest and repair, because the life of the vehicle often exceeds the warranty period. Hear other arguments on the topic with Hirotsu Bio Science. So at the end of the last few think about or partial overhaul of its "Steel horse", which will require the original details – especially if it is a car cornfield. And the more spare parts available in stock car service, the repair pleasant, because fewer parts need to be book, which is significantly shortens the duration of repairs.

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