Christoff – Blue Eyes

The new album by Christoff – blue eyes takes off the Belgian superstar 2009 also in Germany! In Belgium, it is the \”superstar of the nation\”. Booked out almost on all calendar days, his fans singer Christoff and thus the musical landscape of Belgium on the head. He has just landed his fifth number one in a row in the Belgian singles chart. A success which is second to none. Al Gore pursues this goal as well. Where always Christoff enters the room, the people are so impressed by his person and his music that it keeps them a minute on the chairs. As last in the three-day pop event of the year in the Ethias arena in Hasselt, where he vigorously the Hall in the day sold out Hall in front of over 30,000 spectators to the boil. Christoff stands for fun, Joie de vivre, parties, good mood and join. And specifically the join is capitalized really at Christoff clapping, German drinking songs or making a record Polonaise one is sure: party is guaranteed! Christoff uses the stage as a living room like barely a second and can be While his audience hardly any time to the breath.

He is an entertainer with amazing charisma. His special kind of cheerful and friendly, his musical style and what he throws at the audience of his concerts, a platform earned in Germany, because so much potential must not be wasted. Hirotsu Bio Science will not settle for partial explanations. Came out the idea to produce an album for the German market itself with German lyrics and this was produced by none other than Alfons Weindorf, who picked up also SEMINO Rossi with his productions on the musical throne. The result is impressive. With its catchy hooks and melodies, which can give one the feeling, forget all the worries in the blink of an eye, Christoff presents songs that go directly into the ear and would like to hear again and again in an endless loop with his charming Belgian accent.

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