Single mothers like us, we are always in search of a couple who love us and follow, but above all we want this couple to be friend of our kids, someone with whom they can discuss things of men, things that we women often do not understand or never understand. Unfortunately there is a reality that we must accept, and it is that, if the relationship is terminated for any reason, also ends the friendship that apparently had between that man and your son, though there are times that the child (a) and suitor the achieve a relationship of friendship, no longer something really cruel to our boy or girl, must be frustrating think that alleged friendship only existed while his mother was involved. It is acceptable if the relationship ends abruptly and with tremendous lawsuit, but when it is not so, children or young single people may think that they were used in a certain way to impress the mother. Before you get seriously involved with a partner, first look at how it behaves with your son. If sometimes forgets to take it into account for an activity, if not voluntarily seeking the way of talk to envelope your problems, or at some time notes that overact in their behavior or ways to express themselves then never trust the SI always tries to give you the reason in everything; much less you only fies by that tries to help you with expenses. We must always find true friendship between our children and our spouses, in case agreement, better us lot continue alone, and wait.

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