But for some herbs will not live I can tell you. Now let's see how many calories in proteins containing fats and carbohydrates – and then immediately answer in proteins 4 kcal in carbohydrate and 4 calories, but in as much fat as much as 9 kcal. But this does not mean that if we drink 500 grams of vegetable oil per day that we get the number of calories that we need on the day. Proteins, fats and carbohydrates needed unites in its ration in proportion. What does this mean? Let us examine an example of proteins: The average person in 1 kg of their weight should eat between 0.7 and 1.7 grams of protein per day, the range depends on the kind of occupation, age, disease. For example those people who bodybuilding, bodybuilding and strength training – you need to eat about 2-3.5 grams of protein per 1 kg per day, and some professionals use, and about 4-5 grams of protein. And where they take this amount of protein per day? For example vozmem profesionala athlete who weighs 120 kg and 4.5 g protein upotrebyaet 1 kg of its weight, so how can he be eating a? It turns out that he needs to eating a nearly 3 kg of beef per day! And that's just the protein, and in order to 'To drag iron' it still needs energy, but it + more carbohydrates and fat! For this they use energy drinks, protein powders, but that's another story. Many believe that in order to lose weight – no need to eat fats, but kakraz on the contrary – there are fat can not eat a lot of carbohydrates! (And better not to eat and exercise).

Why so raskazyvat will not for a long time and the article is not about that. So eating a little better with a cutlet Boiled potatoes than good sardelyu with pasta and bread. And now let us count the approximate number of calories in the same salad with new potatoes mackerel: Ingredients: – 150 g green peas pods 60 calories – 500 g young potatoes 350 calories – 350 g smoked mackerel 1050 calories – 250 g cherry tomatoes Kkkal 30 – 1 head lettuce 35 calories Total: 1525 calories, so a salad accommodates 6 people, we get about 280 calories. This means that such a salad, we will be able to fully eat for breakfast, and drink his cup of kofe:)

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