Individual Talents

As noted in previous notes as the flowers of Bach and the American floral essences flower essences in general characterized by work on the planes of consciousness, the peronalidad and the emotions. There is no doubt about its effectiveness and its integration with other systems or natural therapeutic methods, without neglecting medicine that can complement without intentions of substitute and acting as a clarifier to facilitate the task of the professional specialist, given that it helps the person to express themselves and show such which is making note his real suffering, task that often difficult results in a query and until the times almost impossible according to the personal characteristics that the patient presents. Other floral as the Amazonian orchids systems can complement well with others in turn and in this case referred to make it working on the planes of spirituality or the wake of certain personal attributes, such as the ability to connect with his I internal, with other planes of knowledge or to maximize your connection with the Kingdom of nature, with his child or his communicative self. In this case, having a balance between floral systems and maintaining positive view to each of them, we will add to the list the floral essences of water lilies and lotuses that according to experiences in practice have demonstrated once more its effectiveness in the discovery of personal talents and necessary individual strengths so that humans can deal with both our life and business projects on a personal level as in the relationship Thus, in labour and social plane. Also to our sensitivity to people and the environment in developing individual talents are strengthened by developing our flexibility of thought and our life with respect to our future vision which allows our inner growth making a living in harmony and well-being.

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