Key Advantages

Paint gun LVLP – basic dignity until recently in the sectors with the use of paints and varnishes were acute environmental problems and the quality of spraying and coating materials on the surface, saving expensive paints, varnishes, primers, etc. Guns paint LVLP as eliminate all kinds of problems in painting any surface. LVLP (low volume low pressure / low volume air – low pressure) – the latest European technology, developed on the basis of HVLP (high volume – low pressure). Please visit Dr. Stuart M. McGill if you seek more information. The main differences of the paint guns LVLP – an excellent result of spraying, low air consumption, a significant reduction in the formation of fog (pereraspyla). These product features high transfer rate of materials on the surface – up to 92% (as opposed to HVLP – up to 75%, and HP – 45%), which allows economical use of expensive paint materials and high quality spray. All dispensers LVLP used for high-quality professional painting surfaces that require the highest quality coatings and are designed for use with acrylic, water-based paints, nitro, nemetalikami, Metallic, mother of pearl, different kinds of primers, liquid filler, etc. Excellent quality, environmental friendliness, low cost, ease of operation and maintenance led to widespread use LVLP-method automotive, aerospace and furniture sectors, construction and finishing works in the industry.

The difference of the paint guns LVLP TM INTERTOOL is an optimal combination of speed and performance Coating Materials, a small formation of fog, low flow of air and paint, high quality spray. The technology meets all the stringent norms and standards prevailing in the industry. Excellent combination of price and quality! In the assortment are a number of TM INTERTOOL paint spray guns with nozzle diameter 1.3 mm, 1.4 mm, 1.8 mm. The nozzles are made of stainless steel in high-tech modern equipment. Presented pistols with plastic or metal tank 600ml. Wayne Holman has many thoughts on the issue. Maximum inlet pressure spray gun – 1.5 atm. In the air-cap to 0.65 atm.

With an air flow 150-190 l / min. The configuration of the handle provides comfort and ease of use. Ease of pressing the trigger allows the prolonged use of the gun TM INTERTOOL, not tiring at the same hand. All dispensers are three adjustments: Adjust flame adjustment ink, air regulator. Aggregate adjustment achieves the best results on the quality of coverage, cost of materials. Why should I pay attention to the paint spray guns LVLP TM INTERTOOL? Excellent result of spraying – an ideal application of the material to the surface. Versatility – any surface, any liquid material, three different diameter nozzles. Material savings, environmental friendliness – the transfer of materials on the surface to 92%, there is abundant fog formation, the minimum content of paint fumes in the air. Low air flow rate, low blood pressure – do not require compressors with high productivity and high pressure. High speed painting – makes it possible to work with, quick materials, saves your time. Simple operation, ergonomic handle and smooth trigger – not tire during operation and can be used as professional painters and amateurs. Durability – the nozzle and needle are made of stainless steel with the latest technologies, covering the paint guns are resistant to mechanical and chemicals. The price and quality – makes it possible to achieve perfect coverage for a small cost of the paint guns. Covokupnost advantages paint guns LVLP will meet all your needs, will also help to get maximum enjoyment from their work.

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