In Megahealt have the possibility to earn extra income in 3 ways: 1 -Consumer: Megahealth to be a distributor and a consumer of products you get a 40 discount off the published price, so you get a profit of 40 savings. 2 -product sales: to be a distributor since the beginning Megahealth get a 40 discount on public rates, so if you like sales, selling a product or more get a net gain of approx. 66 of the value of the product. that is to make money fast, you decide how much you want to win .. 3rd network-Maker: A network marketing system fair and equitable, created by Mega Health . This system encourages the formation of independent entrepreneurs so that they in turn develop into networks of people who distribute, sell and consume our products. The moment you start to develop your network of dealers, start your profit line. That is all the people you invite to participate directly in the business of which you will receive 25 of their monthly purchases, as long as you have done a minimum monthly fee of 2500, now if you purchase 5000 in the month you pay the same compensation of 25 plus other additional bonuses .. your entire network up to 100 of the gain of your leaders .. so simple .. Duplication Online is the key to growth and success of the distribution network, and only strengthens and generates huge economic rewards to those who are.

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