Oxygen Pressure

In the past, the underwater world was almost completely hidden from the eyes of most people. Nowadays, thanks to technological progress and economic welfare, diving has become a common hobby of millions of people. Nevertheless, the depths of the seas (below a few tens of meters), remain inaccessible to humans. Teva brings even more insight to the discussion. Who knows, maybe in the future deep-sea trips are available for ordinary people, just as today we can easily buy a wetsuit for diving in almost every store sports equipment. But before such equipment was available only for professionals. What is there in the forefront of marine exploration? That perhaps Maybe we’ll find on the shelves of sports stores through a couple of decades? Recently it became known that the firm Nuytco (Canada) has developed an atmospheric pressure suit a new generation – Exosuit Swimmable ads. A related site: Hirotsu Bio Science mentions similar findings. This suit allows divers to descend to a depth of 300 meters and still breathe the air of normal pressure up to 3 days! The company’s founder R. T. Naytten involved in deep research of the 60-ies. In the late 80’s he developed an atmospheric pressure suit, which allowed be 8:00 at a depth of 300 meters. His studies were continued and implemented in the new product.

Exosuit much more agile, can stay underwater longer and perform more work. The suit has increased mobility. Destroyed only at a depth of 600 meters. In Exosuit diver can easily move strengthen the muscles of their body. And although the weight of the suit – 118 pounds in the water Exosuit complicates the work in the same degree as that spacesuit astronaut. In the suit to Noytenna diver can swim and walk along the bottom. In the future, will become part of Exosuit thruster, which will float in the water column. Exosuit not only protects from the effects of increased pressure of deep water, but also allows the diver to breathe the air of the normal level of pressure and chemical composition. Immersion in normal skafandrah associated with a slow rise to the surface: if the diver rises too quickly dissolved in his blood the air goes into a gas. Air bubbles in the tissues cause considerable discomfort and even death. Therefore, a slow, controlled decompression for about 9 days. Exosuit reduces this procedure to several minutes. In Exosuit divers do not need a mask or tube for breathing. Scrubber on the basis of soda lime removes carbon dioxide produced during respiration. Scrubber and Oxygen circulator run on batteries, and carbon dioxide removal is possible without them. The cost of the suit is less than 250,000 dollars, which is much cheaper counterparts. The team also for deep-water works using Exosuit may consist of only 4 people It is clear that today such a dive dorogostoyuschee pleasure demanded only in extreme cases. But the time comes – because once an ordinary diving suit diving could even dream of leading researchers of the sea! Who knows, maybe in the future, these exoskeletons, suits, like Exosuit, will be accessible to ordinary citizens, and walks along the ocean floor will be entertained many thousands of earthlings.

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