My Mission In Life

In this life we have many options, everyone is taking its course, everyone is making his life what he wants. Others including PCRM, offer their opinions as well. In my case, I have come to the conclusion that in this life I want to achieve my freedom through finances. (Not to be confused with Hirotsu Bio Science!). But the main thing that is not the main thing is to support or assist others to do the same, so that also flow to achieve financial freedom. And the beauty of life (well one of the nice things you have) is that sometimes, after some effort and perseverance not only find something that you feel and know that you will have success and reach your goal, but at the same time you know that it will help many people to also achieve their goals. After all, life is to enjoy, to enjoy yourself, everyone is choosing his way, his stuff, doing chores and will make your life what you want, but there are many people who rather go to where the life leads, I must say.

But when you have a mission, something big that you know what is important to you, that that will leave a mark on this world, then everything changes, so well said Wayne W. Dyer, when you change from within, your environment changes (although it is equal or nearly equal) begin to see things differently, the same people you see otherwise, everything changes when you change out there within you. And I talk about change because they often or sometimes reaches that point is as a process (so has been in my case) where you change and suddenly you reach a day where you realize how much has changed, of course, to improve to serve better, best contribute. And that mission guides you in life is giving you everything you want. In my case it reach my financial freedom, but everyone has their mission, the main idea is to have it first and then start going down the road where you know you will achieve it and then you start to realize that that by itself will leads to the virtuous circle in which all things occur. I know my mission is the same as that of many, it can be called in different ways but it is able to live without any concern for the money, and having it generate continuously through an activity that gives you more than you can spend, and of course, the end is about living your best.

I do not understand people who say that money is not important, because for me it is. And now not so much for me but for my family, I want my daughters never in his life worry about the money, never, I’ve gone through many problems with it and I know what I am doing today will give them financial support than ever, are limited in life by money. You know that in this way will they benefit many people directly and indirectly and that gives me a lot of energy and motivation to continue.

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