The Truth

The truth is that to know boldly handle material, financial life, man should learn how the situation really is and know how to handle their income from an early age and in detail, should also be compulsory subject from the outset in formal education, not only precarious mathematics that many hate and never come to understand, but a real financial culture, but We are a long way of seeing something like that. Of course the truth is that the prosperity of a man always goes also in relationship to their effort, but is better to give an effort into something that is known and can be handled, which give an effort to blind in something unknown is where not known where is the head and where feet, what is real and what is fictional. The world economy began to be more fruitful for human beings and without fuss we could move to the next stage of this retrograde point of man’s life, the money should start to circulate. People must have money to spend and must be able to sell your products or services to earn enough to keep spending at ease and so follow prosper in chain. However, this is almost a utopia. And the truth is that why is almost a utopia?, by pure and mere ignorance and believe in lies and also in part, I will not deny it, by vile malice of some damaged people of heart and mind, but this can be combated by solving the first thing I mention. But leaving that sick people (which people may not know it is the minority), as I I only write to healthy people, I assume that in most all of us, beings of good intentions and great desires, not are developing materially only because of ignorance and for that these networks of communication, were created out of ignorance to the majority. .

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