Universal Love

How often do we feel hostage situation, their own helplessness, pain, lack of love or money? Troubles happen to anyone, rarely in the life of an ordinary man everything goes smoothly, without problems. Often, even common cold or illness of a loved person permanently knocks us off balance. It is a lot of problems in relations with other people. Modern man just can not isolate themselves from all the outside world. What to do such situations? How to regain lost health, peace and enjoyment of life? How to help your loved ones? In our time, 'free speech' you would think that it's easy, because all sides offering more and more different methods, techniques, religions, diets and other things.

One would think, choose and be happy. But how do you choose? Enumerate all? Not all of the proposed beneficial for physical and psycho-emotional state. And, often, simply dangerous! After all, not everyone who offers you a paradise on earth, honest. You can look for nothing but trouble and fight disease on its own. But it still wants to find something that will make your life a fairy tale! I, like most people, not once in his life to encounter problems.

Failed marriage, a chronic lack of money, illness, difficult relationship with loved ones, loneliness, depression, and so on. On the troubles I know firsthand. With its 'cockroaches' in I fought my head for quite some time, tried many different techniques and systems, both psychological and esoteric, spiritual. Sometimes the results were sometimes not, but always a state of joy and peace of mind was short-term, problems and disease reappeared.

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