There's a real evolution of mankind. Unfortunately, progress, or should I say regression, of human society deprived of its mobility. Even within the normal consciousness (green zone) the movement of the point perception is difficult because of the narrow passage (as he once was wide, and I hope will be). Hence all the problems of both the individual and humanity in general. From the foregoing it is clear that in order to improve our lives (as is minimum), to get super-powers, to the direction of evolution in the right direction (this is the maximum), you must do two things.

First, clear your unconscious by debris, so it does not interfere with the mechanisms useful life and reflections in their work. Second, learn to hold your point of perception in the area of awareness and the need to move it to the desired time zone in the rational mind, or in areas nadsoznaniya. Cleaning debris from the unconscious do psychoanalysts and psychotherapists. Without much success. Scooping a teaspoon of garbage accumulated in the current life of the next layer of the unconscious, without considering past lives the patient, not to mention the collective unconscious and space.

To cleanse the subconscious without the "deep drilling" and "Climbing Up the soul," there is an effective method. This katarsisnye * technology developed by Osho, in particular "Gibberish" and "no-mind." "Gibberish" is simpler, but no less effective. These techniques can enhance meditation techniques for forgiveness. Change their perception more difficult. And do not say so technically, but in time, because of the already very well-established for many life habits that do not. Rubbish in the unconscious and social conditioning will also hold, especially those who in past lives does not have representation on the special state of awareness or deny them. In Psychology special state of awareness known that, in this paper is a transition point of perception from the green zone to another zone of consciousness. Here, just want to warn that the drugs are not acceptable. In addition to the harm physical body, the probability of "stuck" in the unconscious (which is in the unconscious, but not in nadsoznatelnom) is too high. Judge yourself, it will bring to man. This was, incidentally, is warns Toltec Path of Freedom naguals. Breathing exercises, leading to an altered state of consciousness, so that no harm health, you need to do this only under the guidance of teachers, rather than independently or under the leadership of an inexperienced talker or irresponsible charlatan. Come to being able to manage their perceptions can be a spiritual practice. All of them will eventually bring its adherents to one and the same ability to be in consciousness, and then to ability to change their perception of need. Choose practice, if you want to get out of your boring little world. I advise to learn to meditate on this. In my opinion, this is the shortest and most efficient way. Good luck You! P. Leyman. 2007 * Catharsis (from the Greek. Catharsis – cleaning) – strong emotional shock, which is not due to real life events and their symbolic display, such as a work of art. The term was introduced in psychology and psychoanalysis of the ancient tragedy.

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