Anthem Antioxidants

Very grown in the whole world Flu virus – three or four! – To grow, increasing disease. If puny – just in a coffin! Preserve the health of so – Use … ANTIOXIDANTS. That's how you can replace the words in the famous song of Vladimir Vysotsky. That destroys modern man? Environmental risks: in air, water, soil contains salts of heavy metals, toxic and radioactive substances.

The slogan "The sun, air and water – our best friends!" Is not quite is true and loses its value every day. Suntan is no longer fashionable. It is recognized adverse effect of sun on human skin and the organism as a whole. Constant exposure to electromagnetic fields (mobile telephones, televisions, refrigerators, microwaves, computers …) Bad habits (smoking, alcohol abuse, …) Uncontrolled reception of medical preparations, a large number of counterfeit medicines. Unbalanced food, which lacks the vitamins and minerals needed to maintain the protective properties of the body. Exceeding the permissible level of nitrates, nitrites, antibiotics and hormones in food and feed used in animal husbandry.

Stress, emotional, informational overload. Abnormal external (environmental) and internal (metabolic) habitat reduces the protective properties of the human body. Main disease in humans are formed by 25-30 years, during the first signs of aging. In the early stages of the disease do not manifest themselves actively and do not worry. In the human body are constant processes of decay and Synthesis, reduction and oxidation. Under the influence of external and internal factors, the existing balance is disturbed. There are substances that are not recovered until the end. It is free radicals, molecules that have one unbound active electron. He actively seeks to influence the body, damaging and destroying healthy cells. Affected tissue, and in the first place – the skin, arteries, eyes, brain. The damaged tissue can not perform function normally. Self-healing organism imbalance leads to deterioration of suction needed trace elements and vitamins, reduced immunity, slows metabolism, protein synthesis and cell breathing. Processes are particularly noticeable appearance of free radicals with age, when the processes of manifestation and course of disease are complicated and accelerated. Identified a number of "free radical diseases", including stroke, heart attack, cancer. Barrier to the rise of free radicals antioxidants. Experiments and medical studies have proven the effectiveness of antioxidants in the fight against "free radical diseases" in the primary and secondary prevention, their ability to enhance the effect of drug treatment and rehabilitation (including diabetes, cancer and cardiovascular diseases and many others). In countries and regions where a large percentage content of antioxidants in foods (citrus, grapes, blueberries …), a higher percentage of centenarians (Mediterranean, Caucasus). As with age in our body enzymes, hormones, amino acids and other drifting aging substances produced in smaller quantities all we can to replenish their supplies from the outside, thus returning his youth, and restoring the fabric. Our natural protection is exhausted, but that does not mean that you need abandon all hope of recovery. You can not sit back and passively wait for old age! Antioxidants – Time of the body. Take antioxidants should always: – as a preventive measure, If you lead an active lifestyle, living in ecologically unfavorable region, working in hazardous industries, are experiencing increased stress loads – in order to prevent exacerbation of disease and treatment disease in the acute phase in accordance with the dosage and intervals as prescribed by your doctor.

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