Fitotreapiya And Herbal Baths

How many gifts to us bring nature and admire its abundance! With its healing properties, medicinal herbs have found extensive use in folk medicine. Medicinal plants were everywhere, and they had to pass simply impossible. In using the herbs in the form of lotions, decoctions, or simply by applying to the affected area, the people recovered, as the medicinal plants exerted on the human body a beneficial effect. Teva Pharmaceuticals shines more light on the discussion. For example, in medicine came way in which to treat and prevent raznoobraznyhzabolevany used medicinal plants. This is called herbalism or herbal medicine. Even such well-known herbs as a lady's purse, dandelion, plantain, nettle, knapweed can do more good to human health than the use of chemical therapeutic drugs, because the plants do not provide strong side effects.

Medicinal Plants rich in vitamins, acids, minerals and various useful substances, which are so essential to human body. Traditional medicine uses the healing properties of herbs for cooking liquors, infusions napar, decoctions, ointments, powders, oils or powders. Go to PCRM for more information. In order to receive treatment from the desired effect, you need to know what herbs to use for cooking of this herbal remedy. To do this you need to know the plant, and and what effect they have. Idan ofer spoke with conviction. Collection of medicinal plants can be done not only lotions and potions, but it is also advisable to use them for making medicinal baths, which also have a therapeutic effect on health man. In order for healing baths have curative effects on the human body, but did not cause him harm, it is necessary not only knows exactly how to prepare healthful collection for the bath, but also how to properly use prepared medicinal bath.

For bathing, the water temperature should be 36-38 degrees and then to pour the brew made healing. The procedure itself is taking a bath should not last more than 20 minutes. That just to make broth for a bath, you need to take 200-300 grams of dry healing gathering and insist in a thermos, fill with boiling water collection. Must insist on for 4 hours, but if the dosage medicinal collection grows, it is better to brew for 10 hours. Increase the dosage of the medicinal collection mainly for medicinal purposes. Such healing baths can be taken for the whole body, or separately for the hands, feet or ischium of the body. These baths have soothing, restorative, relaxing, restorative or curative effects, depending on the purpose for which it was prepared bath.

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Middle Age

One morning, hurrying to work as usual, I looked at myself in the mirror and froze: mesh of wrinkles around the eyes, a few gray hairs, dull complexion, his eyes became sad and upset … suddenly keenly felt: the youth flowed like sand through his fingers … The mood was spoiled. Thoughts on aging and the monotony of his own sad life captured me entirely. Is this it, the proverbial midlife crisis? Since you are no such things? Does not reject the life long … Psychologists say that this crisis comes in the period from 30 to 40 years, but some people, this attack covers and after 45 … What are the causes and how to handle this? The first cause is physiological.

It was 30-40 years old there are chronic diseases, which significantly reduces health. Bother first signs of aging, and most importantly, the process impossible to prevent. A person becomes depressed and nervous. In addition, often accumulated bad habits that are starting to have a negative impact on health. The second reason for the crisis of middle age and psychological. Like not old yet, but no longer young! After passing the first half of the world’s way man suddenly realizes that his life was stable but dull, but for years a fly …

The concept of life that drew him young, were quite different. Dreamed of a bright and busy life, the adventures and pleasures. And what happened? Sad reality … It is often at this age is a radical reappraisal of values. Sometimes it seems that life’s path is chosen incorrectly, and then there is a bitter dissatisfaction, their capabilities and achievements. I want to change everything and start from scratch, but alas, not everything is on the forces that age has an effect! Permanent acute experience inconsistencies of life plans and the reality of highly eroding mental human health, and then to depression and a stone’s throw … It is also important how the person feels confident in society: what are his family and friendships, relationships with colleagues at work. If this plan has problem, the person feels untenable as a member of society. At the family ‘front’ in this age is the most frequent divorces, the most aggravated conflicts and problems between the spouses. How to help yourself if you feel the symptoms of midlife crisis? First time to think about their health, active lifestyle and give up bad habits. Of old age can not escape, but should be ready resist it! Make friends with the sport. The Council may seem trivial, but it has a deeper meaning. Overcoming their inertia, you’ll enjoy every day a little victories over his own body and sad thoughts back off .

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Russian Citizens Ask To Protect The Rights Of Orphans

President of Citizens Commission on Human Rights of St. Petersburg sent a Roman Chorny Ombudsman for Children in St. Petersburg, requesting to protect orphans from orphanages and special Mental hospitals. After the Ombudsman for Children of St. Petersburg, Svetlana Agapitova jointly with the Commissioner for Children's Rights of the Russian Federation Pavel Astakhov Alexeyevich to Congress Commissioners for Children's Rights issued a statement about the need to reform the system of orphanages, president of the Citizens Commission on Human Rights of St. Petersburg sent Svetlana Yurievna treatment in protect the most vulnerable. We are talking about the children diagnosed with mental retardation to varying degrees. Citizens Commission on Human Rights of St.

Petersburg for many years promoting the protection of the rights of these people. During this time, Citizens Commission on Human Rights to provide real assistance to several young people from Mental hospitals, and they were able to escape from the hands of the system, and now live their own lives, have families, raise healthy children. For example, the family of Olga and Nikolai Yegorov. Olga became pregnant while still in boarding school. The administration of the orphanage was trying to force her to have an abortion, allegedly because she "could give birth to a moron." Only active actions of her husband, who had run away from the stumps, and the efforts of defenders allowed a young family get a room and quietly raise their children, who are not only lagging behind their peers, but even ahead of them. Or the case of Roman Tupina and his wife Natalia.

They also broke out of the psycho-neurological boarding school, got an apartment (which, incidentally, they relied on them to the law, as orphans, the age of majority) and live in it. All of these people is diagnosed with "mental retardation in the degree of retardation," which does not interfere with Roman and Nicholas provide for his family, and Olga and Natalia – to be caring mothers. In general, due to vague language of diagnosis, it is often taken for healthy children orphaned because of these children supposed to increase to teachers salary. This was repeatedly stated the human rights activist well-known St. Petersburg, a teacher with a half-century of experience Galina Roof. It was a great experience working with these children. And the staff of the Civil Human Rights Commission, a lot of time communicating with people with this diagnosis, did not notice some variations in their mind. Unless you can see lack of education, which is explainable by the fact that they simply have not given in these specialized orphanages … However, based on the childhood label these people pass as a serious test – multiple hospitalization in psychiatric hospitals, bestial attitude to them most of the staff. And finally, as adults, these people do not go out into the world – they are locked in neuropsychiatric nursing, which automatically moves 75% Orphan their pensions are often hindered by their employment, denied access to their own homes and families. Citizens Commission on Human Rights hopes that the joint efforts of public defenders and bodies will at last break this outrageous attitude towards these people – a full-fledged citizens of the Russian Federation. The International Civil Commission for Human Rights was established and the Church of Scientology Professor Emeritus of Psychiatry by Thomas Szasz

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Elevated Carbon Dioxide Levels

All know the feeling stuffy in the room during the meeting and the symptoms associated with it, ie, fatigue, sleepiness, irritability, difficulty concentrating. Not enough oxygen, we say in this case. However, as shown by recent studies of foreign scientists, the reason is not a lack of oxygen. Blame the excess carbon dioxide that each of us breathes 18 to 26 liters per hour. In large cities with lots of vehicle ventilation system instead of cleaning the air supplied to the premises themselves air from the street rich with carbon dioxide.

What is dangerous carbon dioxide? Scientists have come to quite unexpected conclusions. Even in relatively low concentrations of this gas is toxic and its 'toxicity' is close to nitrogen dioxide, which can lead to disease of blood, cardiovascular system, hypertension, chronic fatigue, etc. Clean Air for city contains about 0.04 percent carbon dioxide. Until recently, the U.S. and Europe, it was thought that this gas is dangerous to humans only in high concentrations. Recently, however, began to study how it influences people in concentrations higher than 0.1 percent. It turned out, if the carbon dioxide content in the room above this level, then people get headaches, increased fatigue, suffering from the nasopharynx and respiratory tract in patients frequent asthma attacks. Scientists have found that office workers, in which elevated levels of carbon dioxide, efficiency and concentration may be reduced by one third or more, they make many mistakes, and more suffer from apathy and depression, and students of schools in similar circumstances, ill learn new stuff and get sick more often.

The most vulnerable to the negative effects of carbon dioxide in the room the children who are sick, allergies, asthma and other respiratory diseases. In the kindergarten level of carbon dioxide is particularly strong can be upgraded in the bedrooms. where children are during daytime sleep. In a classroom where children are over 45 minutes, the levels of CO2 may increase several times by the end of the lesson. Carbon dioxide negatively affects a child's ability to perceive the material. The ability to concentrate may be reduced by 30% if CO2 level reaches 1000rrm. In studies conducted in Europe and the U.S. found that elevated carbon dioxide levels in the classroom leads to reduced attention to schoolchildren in poor performance, as well as increase number of passes on the lessons of the disease. The fact that our children are breathing high levels of carbon dioxide in the room and raised on the street, can adversely affect their circulatory system, immune system, which can eventually lead to irreversible changes in the body and to chronic diseases. Can not accidentally chronic respiratory diseases among children in Moscow the first place. Finnish scientists have found a way to solve this problem based on the axiom that if the nature of the carbon dioxide level is 0,035-0,04%, then the premises must be close to this level. They invented air cleaner removes excess air space carbon dioxide. The principle is based on the absorbance (absorption) of carbon dioxide a special substance.

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Nutritional Supplements

Bread crust should be evenly colored, brownish, its thickness – less than 4 mm. The upper crust is no delamination from the crumb. Crumb fresh bread baked good should not be sticky and moist to touch. Fossa, which is formed by pressing a finger to quickly level off. The taste of rye bread moderately sour, wheat – specific. The smell of bread should be fragrant and pleasant.

Organoleptic changes properties of grain may be due to several reasons. For example, bread can take on strange smell (the smell of kerosene, gasoline), if it is kept close to the substances with strongly pronounced aroma. Vices to include bread nepromes, tempering, molding. Nepromes representing the lumps of flour in the crumb nepromeshannoy is formed when there is insufficient mixing of flour in the dough. Availability apeptous nepromesa reduces nutritional value of bread. At a low temperature baking can be formed temper. It is most often localized in the lower crust and a dense layer is porous crumbs having a kind of soggy test. When storing the bread in the cramped, poorly ventilated warehouses with large differences in air temperature, moisturizes the surface of the bread, it develops molds.

This bread unfit for human consumption. For prolonged storage stale bread. Staling of bread – this is a complex physical-chemical process, which consists in aging starch colloid, in which some water-related starch, gluten becomes. This process is reversible upon heating. Bread can change their properties under the influence of microorganisms. So, with the defeat of bread spore microorganisms, in particular potato stick (V. mesentericus), potato growing, or "ropy" bread disease. Enzymes potato sticks, breaking down protein and starch bread crumb cause organoleptic changes. As a result, it darkens, it becomes sticky stringy and acquires a specific, unpleasant odor. Potato disease occurs in wheat bread, low in acidity which favors the development of potato sticks. In addition to the low acidity emergence of potato disease contributes to high moisture grain and slow cooling it. Bread, potato disease struck, unfit for human consumption, because it has poor organoleptic properties and can cause disruption of the alimentary canal, vomiting, nausea, and diarrhea. To prevent acidification of the potato disease is recommended to test with lactic acid (0.1-0.2%), decreased humidity and rapid cooling of the baked bread. Wheat bread during storage in wet storage facilities with high air temperature can sometimes be covered with bright red mucous patches. Such a change in the external kind of bread is the result of a wonderful life bacillus (B. prodigiosus), which produces a bright red pigment. Low acidity favors this wheat bread. Bread, struck pigmentoobrazuyuschimi bacteria, is not suitable for human consumption. After removal of the affected parts can be used to make bread. Physico-chemical indicators of good quality grain are the humidity, acidity and porosity. The norms of these indicators are provided GOST 21 094 – 75, GOST 5670-51, GOST 5669-51. The increase in moisture content and acidity of bread deteriorates the taste and reduces the nutritional value. Eating bread with high acidity can cause acute diseases of the digestive system. Porosity of bread called a pore volume, enclosed in 100 volume units of crumb. The porosity of the higher grades of wheat bread can reach 75% or more, while with rye bread, it does not exceed 55%. Bread with high humidity and low acidity, and porosity is considered unusual and is not allowed to sell to the public. It can be used for the preparation of crackers, kvass or returns to the processing of lower baking breads – Nutritional Supplements

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Jerusalem Artichoke

Jerusalem artichoke has the ability to form tubers in inulin – a natural multisaharid, consisting of 95% fructose. In the acidic environment of the human gastric juice present in the inulin under the influence of an enzyme such as inulinazy undergoes hydrolysis with the formation of fructose. In the books there are data on performance testing of bioactive some derivatives of inulin, possessing antiarrhythmic activity, has anti-tuberculosis, antitumor, anticoagulant, fibrinolytic action. From time to time to buy powder artichoke could be applied after a restorer of human blood, for the introduction of injectable drugs iron, to enhance intestinal peristalsis, lowers inflammation as a means. There are data on the ability of derivatives of inulin in obstetrics and gynecology.

Songs on the basis of inulin in a state be applied in various fields of surgery as a carrier for other drugs. Assumes that the inulin protivogennoy activity. Provoke curiosity, including information on the detention of inulin strontium, Jerusalem artichoke roots include a large number of compounds of iron, silicon and zinc, and vitamins such as B1 (0, 018 mg%), B2 (0, 295 mg%) and C (in the fall – 6, 96 mg% in the spring time – 3, 64 mg%). It is well known, including that the Jerusalem artichoke cultivation in contrast to other solid ground vegetables containing pure protein (3, 2% on dry matter only), presented 16 amino acids, 8 of them unique. From tubers of Jerusalem artichoke powder prepared artichoke, that without losing a variety of useful features of Jerusalem artichoke, easily stored for a long time and can be used in different ways. Powder from tubers of Jerusalem artichoke is used to intensify the exchange of substances diseases from diabetes, arteriosclerosis, overweight. It is recommended for extreme physiological and emotional overload, and also with a decrease in the mobility and rapid fatigue syndrome (nagging fatigue).

In carrying out the prevention and treatment of acute and chronic infectious diseases, Jerusalem artichoke flour improves the immune system. In the conditions of living in hazardous radiation areas of residence and work with excessive risk of occupational injury (radionuclides, heavy metals, toxicants of natural origin) are offered periodic rates of Jerusalem artichoke flour with the task of removing toxins. To get rid of toxins in the body poisoning with organic solvents, including alcohol poisoning and poisoning with heavy elements involve artichoke powder as a means of purification of the human body. To be able to prevent tumors, with the possible effects of carcinogens in the natural resources of man-made environmental habitats (air, soil, weather, water, food) shows the periodic use of prolonged courses of Jerusalem artichoke flour. Flour from Jerusalem artichoke roots is designed to improve the performance of the digestive tract in disorders of unclear etiology and of bacterial illness.

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What is Plasmapheresis? Blood plasma consists of water with dissolved substances (organic and mineral), including proteins (albumin, globulins and fibrinogen), carbohydrates (glucose), fats (lipids) hormones, enzymes, vitamins, and the individual components of salts (ions) and some products of metabolism from the body with plasma derived products lipidnogoObmena (cholesterol, "bad" lipoprotein-base culprits of atherosclerosis), poisons, immune antigen-antibody complexes (they appear as a defensive reaction by ingestion of foreign particles to remove them) and so on, that is all too much, that interferes with our work body. Plasmapheresis first entered our lives in the middle of the twentieth century. Initially it was used solely to receive donated plasma, then it was used for treatment with plasmapheresis have started clearing the blood of toxins, immune complexes, and metabolic products. Author name "plasmapheresis Abel brought his combination of two concepts: the plasma (the liquid part of blood) and the Greek apheresis (removal). Thus, plasmapheresis – a selective removal from the body of the plasma.

In our country, therapeutic plasma exchange has been applied since 1964, R. Serbin, who defended the blood vials with the syndrome of increased viscosity. Since the early 70s plasmapheresis actively used as an additional method of intensive therapy. For example, in England, according to the 1980 year by about 10,000 procedures of plasmapheresis, in France for 70 years made 6200, the United States in 1981 – 50000. What is done plasmapheresis? With the purpose of treatment with plasmapheresis using blood diseases, such as leukemia, when it was necessary to remove leukemia cells in autoimmune (allergic to your own body tissue) diseases when plasma is filled with antigen-antibody complexes, which are deposited in the tissues of internal organs and destroy them, in some severe liver and kidney diseases, etc. A few years after the introduction of methods of treatment plasmapheresis for his testimony of the greatly expanded, it was used in many diseases associated with metabolic disturbances, chronic inflammatory diseases, poisonings, and even wellness goals for rejuvenation of the body, cleanse the skin, strengthen the immune system ..

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Overweight And Its Problems

The problem of excess weight from year to year is becoming more urgent: the last 20 years, the total excess weight of the world population increased by three (!) Times to threaten the figures. The cause of obesity is primarily malnutrition. People consume far more calories than you expend. Sedentary lifestyle, passion for junk food, unbalanced nutrition – all prerequisites for the extra weight. But the extra weight – it's not just an aesthetic problem. This is a serious health threat, since extra weight pulling with it a trail of various diseases. First of all, it's cardio vascular system: hypertension, coronary heart disease (CHD) and diabetes – the constant companion of obesity.

It is known that high blood pressure, fat people suffer 3-4 times more often than people of normal weight. The reason is simple: to ensure that the blood of his "enlarged" heart farms forced to take the increased load. A capacity increase of heart-pump, in turn, leads to increased pressure. Further destruction of the picture of health can be seen easily: arterial hypertension leads to the defeat of all the organs and tissues. But first of all, it strikes just the vital organs, so-called target organs: heart, brain and kidneys.

The most serious complication of high blood pressure – is stroke. But we have only five extra pounds to lose, and systolic blood pressure decrease by approximately 5 mm Hg, and diastolic – 2 mm. Decrease the load on the heart. Otherwise, people with overweight risk earn coronary heart disease, which can lead to heart attacks. Relationship of obesity and diabetes due to increased sensitivity to insulin, which leads to disruption of carbohydrate metabolism and development of diabetes (type 2). There is a group of diseases of musculoskeletal system that occur because of excess weight – it's arthritis and arthrosis. With obesity pronounced dysfunction of the respiratory system. Vital capacity can be significantly reduced compared to the norm, which depends not only on border changes and compression of the lungs, but also from respiratory difficulties associated with disorders of metabolic processes in the lung tissue. The high degree of obesity is accompanied by curvature of the spine due to the offset center of gravity, high standing of the diaphragm, chest deformation and reduce its elasticity. When excess weight is often affects the liver: stagnation in the gallbladder and hepatic ducts creates the conditions for the formation of stones, which are found in obesity in 30 – 40% of cases. and gastro-intestinal tract. The list of diseases that are triggered by excess weight, you can continue. It is clear that treatment of these diseases is only possible while reducing weight. Control of this process should lead specialist. A fascination with trendy diets and weight loss independent if there is a whole bunch of diseases is fraught with aggravation of problems.

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Southern Europe

Eucalyptus globulus Labil – Eucalyptus Blue (Eucalyptus ball) Fam. Myrtaceae – myrtle description. An evergreen tree up to 40 m; bark smooth, bluish-gray, slowly crack and fall off. The leaves of young shoots are opposite, soft, coated bloom, blue-green, sessile, ovate, cordate at the base of recess, the leaves of the old shoots are alternate, oblong-elliptical to lanceolate, falcate, with short petioles. Flowers solitary, sessile with a simple perianth in the form of a pot with 4 teeth. Fruit chetyrehstennaya box.

Distribution. It grows in dry forest areas. Distributed in Tasmania. Cultivated in many countries around the world, thanks to rapid growth, inclusive, and in Southern Europe. Raw materials. Leaves (Folia Eucalipti), oil (Oleun Eucalipti).

Content. The leaves contain – essential oil (0.5-3.5%), tannins, and elagovuyu galusovuyu acid, bitter substances, oil Cineole (Evkaliptod) – 60-85%, camphene, Fenham, pinokarveol, terpineol, sesquiterpene alcohols (eudesmol, globulol), aldehydes (valerilaldegid, butilaldegid, kaprilaldegid), free and esterified alcohols, carbonyl compounds, hydrocarbons and terpene sesquiterpene series (pinene, aromadendren). The main action. Anti-inflammatory, especially in inflammatory processes in the airways (bronchitis). Experimental and clinical data. Anti-inflammatory effect due to the rich content of eucalyptus in it an essential oil, the main component of which is a monoterpene of eucalyptus. In the essential oil derived from the leaves Eucalyptus is also contained in other components have a synergistic effect: pineny, camphene, Fenham, terpineol and a small amount of sesquiterpenes. Anti-inflammatory activity of eucalyptus is not only based on antiexudative his action, which comes from an expression vasoconstrictive actions, but at a certain, although not very pronounced antimicrobial effect. It was also established pronounced antiviral activity in vitro of aqueous extracts of eucalyptus leaves, as well as bacteriostatic effect on Proteus vulgaris and alpha-hemolytic streptococci. In clinical medicine have long been used valuable anti-inflammatory properties of eucalyptus in inflammatory diseases of the upper respiratory tract, colds, often in combination with other ether-oil plants. Empirical data. Traditional medicine recommends the use of eucalyptus as a means to stimulate saliva production and a lack of gastric juice. In our opinion, this is based on stimulating and irritating effect of essential oils in general and, in particular, to act on the secretory activity of sesquiterpenes digestive glands secrete digestive juices. Eucalyptus is also recommended to stop the complaints related to respiratory illness – cough, shortness of breath, as well as with colds and flu. In such cases, its use is not without reason, and due to the fact that essential oils, regardless of how their administration to stand out through the lungs, where they have an antimicrobial (weak) and antiinflammatory action. Method of application. Tablespoon of eucalyptus leaves Pour 1 / 2 liters of boiling water and cooked a hot brew to drink a glass of wine before meals 3 times a day with bronchitis and bronchial asthma. We also recommend inhalation with eucalyptus, for which: a certain amount of boiling water (no more than 100-150 ml) drip 20 drops of eucalyptus and immediately implement inhalation. Eucalyptus oil can be applied topically, mixed with sunflower or olive oil (2:100) as nose drops. A blend of essential oils in well-defined relationships, which include eucalyptus oil and eucalyptus, which is included in the chewing mixture (rubber) for the treatment of catarrh of the upper hronifitsirovannyh respiratory tract – in this case there is a very good effect.

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The Synthesis

The main sources of vitamin E are foods such as bread made from wheat flour, pulses, meat, fish, by-products, yeast, vegetable oil, eggs, cereals, dried mushrooms, peanuts, vegetables (potatoes, tomatoes, green peas, sweet peppers). Vitamin C (ascorbic acid) has its own specific features that are manifested in the fact that he is involved in many physiological and biochemical reactions (promotes tissue regeneration, provides resistance to stress, provides a normal immune system and hematologic status, promotes the assimilation of iron, protein, vitamins, lowers cholesterol in the blood and eliminates the effect of allergens and carcinogens, increases resistance to adverse environmental influences and infections). Vitamin C plays a major role in the synthesis of collagen, which is one of the components of the blood vessels. The main causes of hypovitaminosis C are domestic factors (heat and cook processing of products of vegetable origin), improper and prolonged storage of food, cooking in the presence of salt, iron and copper. In partial lack of vitamin C in daily diet has been a general fast fatigue, sleepiness, decreased performance, swelling and bleeding of the gums, rough skin. In marked hypovitaminosis C is characterized by cyanosis of lips, nose, ears, nails, bulk and bleeding gums, hypochromic anemia, pallor, dry skin, etc. The highest amount of vitamin C found in fresh vegetables, fruits and berries (rosehips, black currant, sea buckthorn, red pepper, citrus, parsley, cabbage, potatoes, etc.), and also integrated in multivitamin preparations. Body's need for vitamins better variety of food consumption is met.

Supplementation of multivitamins and mineral supplements should be moderate, and dose – Individual. It all depends on diet, lifestyle and other factors. It is advisable to consume multivitamin preparations under conditions of limited food intake (vegetarian, strict diets for weight loss), as well as women of childbearing age, those who are rarely in the open air (disabled, elderly, people with chronic diseases), in violation of digestion, the population living in ecologically unfavorable conditions. Not should we forget that in some cases, vitamin supplements, especially its excess, could adversely affect the human body. For example, excess vitamin A leads to liver damage, drowsiness, itchy skin, hair loss, etc. Especially dangerous for pregnant women overdose. Long-term (several months), excessive intake of vitamin D and calcium metabolism breaks as a result – causing kidney disease. Excess vitamin E leads to bleeding when taking medications that reduce blood clotting.

Abuse of vitamin C leads to diarrhea, blood clots or the formation of kidney stones. It should not be Vitamin B6 is also abused because of the danger of damage to the nervous system. To assess the availability of these vitamins, the body must turn to the appropriate specialist. Often biomaterial for identification of hypervitaminosis a urine and blood, as well as conducting various tests.

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