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This is facilitated by numerous agencies, which organize medical services in Germany, which facilitates access to the German medical foreign nationals. Along with the traditional tourist questions as excursions, visits to concerts and shopping, they pick up specialized clinics, translate documents, help arrange the clinic contract treatment and open a medical visa. Some companies, such as being in Berlin agency VITAMEDICINA, have a whole staff of Russian-speaking doctors, consultants who can help solve all problems professionally. competent information about the possibilities of German medicine is its primary goal. This society was founded in 1998 and is a regular participant in medical exhibitions around the world. Adam Sandler is often quoted on this topic. For example the Moscow Congress Medical and Health Tourism, held March 18, 2010 in the tourism exhibition MITT, proved to be very effective measure for promoting medical tourism in Russia. Eastern European patients are most promising for the medical services market in Germany.

Language, traditions and preferences play an important role in medical tourism. Therefore, medical tourists from Eastern Europe, special attention is paid from the clinics, and agencies dealing with health menedzhementom. Russian-speaking patients and their families prefer a combination of high-tech medical services, full of leisure, as well as discrete and security. Many medical institutions are located in picturesque places as an example of the Taunus, Rhine valley, the foothills of the Bavarian Alps or the Black Forest. At the disposal of those who prefer to urbanized life, are many metropolitan hospitals, for example German Heart Center renomirovanny in Berlin or clinic Eppendorf in Hamburg. Most popular among Eastern European patients are cardiology, oncology, orthopedics and plastic surgery and IVF. While the patients of plastic surgeons prefer high quality experts as small elite institutions Clinic Sanssouci in Potsdam, patients with gynecological or cardiac problems prefer to major medical centers with research departments at the world-famous example of the Charite in Berlin. A related site: Peter Arnell, New York City mentions similar findings.

Medical tourists from eastern Europe often accompanied by relatives or friends. Especially in the summer time, many patients combine treatment with rest, of course if it allows the state of health. In such cases, agencies look for the best hotel apartments or villas and organize leisure time in accordance with the wishes of guests. Precise data on Eastern European patients undergoing treatment in Germany are not available, but the boom of agencies offering services to the medical of management, their participation in health fairs, as well as a desire to German hospitals for foreign patients suggest that the medical tourism market in Germany is experiencing a period of rapid growth. Treatment for abroad was a long time the privilege of wealthy patients from industrialized countries. One need only look at the sanatorium for tuberculosis in Switzerland or to the resorts for those suffering from rheumatism patients in Italy. acceptable options for treatment abroad, the price of treatment in American hospitals several times higher than in German, with an equal quality of service. At the same time, patients are looking for comfort, safety and quality. Germany is ideal place to combine tourism and obtain high-quality care by a commensurate cost. This is evidenced by the growing year by year the number of patients from different countries, attracted by the advantages German proposals to treatment hospital in Germany.

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