Symptoms And Treatment Bronchitis

Bronchitis Bronchitis – an inflammatory disease of the airways (bronchi) with lesions of the mucosa. Bronchitis is the most common disease of the respiratory system. Along with him, and often affects the upper respiratory tract. Usually the cause of bronchitis is a virus or any bacteria. A common cause of bronchitis is smoking. There are acute and chronic bronchitis. Acute bronchitis is usually a result of infection of the upper respiratory complications or cold. During the period of acute bronchitis, bronchial mucous membranes swell and their blood vessels to dilate and fill with blood, there is a fluid, comprising epithelial cells lining membranes and blood elements such as leukocytes and erythrocytes.

Ends acute bronchitis is usually a full recovery, restore function of bronchi, as well as their structure. Chronic bronchitis is much more serious disease, the main cause of its development is smoking and frequent respiratory tract infections. Symptoms of bronchitis most frequent symptoms of acute bronchitis – general weakness, chills, and sometimes fever and chief way is not without coughing. Acute bronchitis is often preceded by upper respiratory catarrh. Cough – dry at first, sometimes difficult to separate sputum, which later becomes mucopurulent. The same symptoms usually observed in exacerbations of chronic bronchitis. As a consequence of developing bronchitis, shortness of breath may occur, increased heart rate due to dysfunction of the respiratory and circulatory. The main symptoms of acute Bronchitis is usually present from several days to 3 weeks.

Symptoms of chronic bronchitis may be present over a year. Bronchitis Treatment Bronchitis Treatment should begin with eliminating the causes contributing to its development. Patients are encouraged to get plenty of rest and drink plenty of warm water does not contain caffeine. Better if it will be warm tea with honey or raspberry, as well as juices and plain water. During the airway inflammation often there is inflammation of the pharynx, it is recommended to eat soft, not sharp, not irritating foods. To be effective treatment for bronchitis, smokers are urged to reduce the number of cigarettes.

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Gynecological Needs

It is usually assumed that the gynecologist consultation is required only to women. The term 'children' gynecologist 'often causes confusion among only those who are not familiar with the urgency of the issue of gynecological diseases in girls. But, prevention and reproductive health care of the younger generation is important to begin in childhood, not postponing it for later, when treatment options will be missed. Children's gynecologist specializing in diseases of female genitalia in girls. Your doctor may take as a children's clinic and in the office of women's advice – depending on the characteristics of health care in different areas. The duties This specialist is early detection of gynecologic problems in girls, their diagnosis and treatment and counseling of adolescent girls in matters of contraception, and personal hygiene. For timely diagnosis Diseases are organized mandatory inspections of girls. They should be held with some regularity: the age of 3 years before kindergarten, a school before the age of twelve and 14 years – every year.

In addition, it is desirable to visit Children's gynecologist, when menstruation begins. In addition, quite often there are situations where medical examination is also required. So when the girls need a check and probably a course of treatment in child gynecology? 1. The presence of specific complaints. For example, complaints of abnormal leukorrhea, pain in lower abdomen, changing the shape or the size of the stomach, excessive or overly painful menstruation, uterine bleeding.

2. The symptoms which indicate violation of sexual development: the emergence of his symptoms until eight years or, conversely, their absence after 13 years. 3. Condition after surgery for abdominal organs, which may be formed after welding, lead to ectopic pregnancy and infertility. 4. Persistent changes in urinalysis. Increased mucus and white blood cells characteristic of inflammatory diseases of the genital tract. 5. Symptoms of hormonal disorders: body hair, as in youth obesity and the second or third degree. In addition, girls should be examined by a gynecologist during prolonged severe diseases, rheumatic heart disease, a large deficit of weight gain in adolescent girls, because such processes may crash establishment of menstrual function. Be sure to consult a gynecologist to have to visit a girl suffering from tuberculosis. In all such cases should not cancel a visit to the pediatric gynecologist triggering the disease process until when the recovery will already be difficult. Laid the foundation for health in childhood! Consultation gynecologist online for urgent matters

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How To Deal With Warts

After the acne warts are the most common skin disease. According to statistics, 75 percent of people warts appeared at least once in their lives, while 10 percent of them are constant. Pale-colored skin, or light-brown with prominent formation of jagged edges do not pose a health risk – they have no roots or shoots, deeply penetrating the skin. But the joy they still deliver little. Warts appear surprisingly, single or in groups, on virtually any body part. Kinds of warts too much. The most frequent common warts. They are located on the back of the hands – hands or fingers.

It could be small nodules, the size of a pinhead, and the formation of bigger. There are also flat youthful warts. They also appear on the hands and the fingers, and even in the face. But perhaps the biggest disadvantage deliver yellow plantar wart-like blisters. These warts are very painful, and, although sometimes a bit – two or three, walking over them becomes a real torture. After forty years, often formed senile warts – they have a brown tinge, covered with scales and are usually on the chest, back, and sometimes on other parts of the body.

Typically, these warts are very difficult to treat. Warts are due to penetration into the body hard virus papillomas. You can "catch" him in the same way as any viral infection. If a person is susceptible to this virus, then even the most minor, a cut on the skin or a small crack can easily turn into light scratches and cuts, through which the "wart" virus rapidly penetrates the skin. Those with sweaty feet, must be especially careful, as wet feet – a suitable environment for an insidious virus. To avoid of plantar warts, it is necessary every day, wash feet, change socks or tights. Sly and unassuming viruses can multiply in wet, unseasoned shoes.

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