Bedel Health Center

Yunquera Gertrude “Gertrude” (Lola Baldrich): Nurse at Nacho’s health center, which is a good friend and confidant. Share flat with Irene, with Oscar and later with Marta. You have several relationships: with Tente, which is in a coma for a while and then leave it. For several months is going to Tanzania to work with an NGO. When you return, start out with Ramon, collaborating NGOs, but they leave knowing that become pregnant following an affair with a stranger before they start dating. He offers to take over the baby and asks him to marry, but she refuses. At the end of the series has a child. Marcial Gonzalez (Jorge Roelas) occupies the position of caretaker of the health center, though at first the series was a companion of bungling by his friend and roommate Poli. Had a quarrel with him precisely because Poli also opted for the post of caretaker. Whenever you are planning a business and gets distracted easily.Borja always have to be drawing attention, but basically they all have great affection. When Juani marries Poli, Matias went to live at home. At first, like Gertrude, but she never appropriate. For a time he has a girlfriend, Rachel, who leaves him for another. In recent seasons dating Eva Borja’s niece. As partners in the reception center is first and then Ernesto Paco, the latter travels with him in the car with which an accident that cost him his life. Borja Pradera (Jose Angel Egido): Coordinator of the health center. It is quite strict with those who work there, but then gets on with them and is a good friend of Nacho. He suffers from kidney disease and is quite time going to dialysis, during which he sustitutye Angel as coordinator until he gets that make it a traspante. Be some problems with his wife because of his infidelities, though they ultimately resolve it. Eva Marcial’s girlfriend, is his niece.Irene Acebal (Ana Duato) (Seasons 1-4): Nacho pediatrician who knows a event organized by Alice and July during the first season. The following is added to the Health Center and begin a relationship. When you move at work, goes to Almeria to work temporarily until they pass the opposition to the plaza. Nacho asks her to marry him and she agrees to when he returns. However,at the turn, feels that something has changed. Nacho wants to marry immediately, and she wants to do an MA. Break the relationship and she leaves the Health Center when the appointed coordinator. Moreover, their relationship always encountered opposition from Mary, but the attitude of Nacho’s eldest daughter Irene changed after suffering a major car accident. Paco Diaz (George Jerome) (Seasons 1-8): Bedel Health Center, Marcial desk mate. It is the oldest and Atleti fan, whose parties provided comments with Nacho.In the penultimate season retire, but returns later in the chapter of the burial of Martial, who is attending. Marta Tena (Monica Aragon) (Seasons 5-9): A doctor who begins rehearsals on the Ballesol. His father is a cardiologist and he wants to engage in the same, but she discovers that family medicine is what you like. At first boyfriend has a lifetime, but broke with him. Feelings for Luis, and has a brief relationship with him, but neither dares to take the plunge. Luis Fernandez (Antonio Castro) (Seasons 6-9): Pediatrician, who joins the center after her divorce. At first, Gertrude and Marta is disputed. Has an affair with Martha, but no more going to finish, although the last episode seem to be alright. scar Sanz (Jos Conde) (Seasons 3-5): Medical homosexual. For a time share apartment with Gertrude. Leave to appear without explanation just given.Angel Valverde (Jordi Rebell n) (Seasons 6-9): Coordinator replacing Borja when low. It has many problems with doctors due to their superior. Even faced with trying to conquer Nacho Alicia. Nuria Ca adas (Mapi Gal n) (Season 9): Chief Medical ICU 12. It has a good relationship with Nacho. Drug addict and has a brother Nacho help when her nephews are in trouble. It is in part a cause of problems between Nacho and Alicia because she is jealous of her husband spends time with Nuria. Laura Meng bar (Paula Sebasti n) (Seasons 1-2): Doctor of the health center. It is divorced with a daughter. When Nacho asks her boyfriend pretends to be her ex-husband, discovers she has feelings for him, but is not reciprocated. He leaves the center when it is having a tough time because her ex-husband claims the custody of his daughter. Mariano (Juan Polanco). (Seasons 1-2): Doctor who appeared in early seasons.

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