National Festival

Punilla comes from quichua " puna" , name given by the exploratory expedition of Lorenzo Surez de Figueroa, shortly before being founded Cordova, when the feeling its men " apunados". Punilla is an extensive valley, flanked to the east by the cord of the Small Mountain ranges and to the west by diverse cords that alternate with high plateaus or Pampas of the Great Mountain ranges (like Pampas of Olaen and Pampas of San Luis), to the north by the cities of the River basin of the Sun and to the south by the Way of High Summits. The Mountain ranges of Cordova constitute one of the great centrostursticos of the country. It owns an exceptional climate, flora of excellent verdure, and serpenteantes rivers. Due to the great poblamiento of all the valley, their flora and native fauna can be found in the most mountainous parts, with molle, the Coco, orco quebracho, the apple tree of the field, carob trees and espinillos; together with teros in the level parts, lechuzas and owls; in the rivers are herons, woodpeckers and horneros. Additional information is available at rusty holzer. A set of populations has been developed of almost linear way on the axis of route, constituting in some true cases conurbations, in which is the greater installed plant of recreational equipment, of complementary lodging and, offering an extensive range of described services. The Punilla counts on a most important hotel, gastronomical infrastructure and of services, besides being it soothes of consecrated festivales between which the National Festival of the Folklore stands out net that every year is realised in the month of January in the city of Cosqun original Author and source of the article

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Serious Relationship

The third millennium – a new age of the Internet and created a comfortable life of a new complex of man-free in all: in thinking, behavior, at home, at work, in love. What does the new freedom in our time? First, for the first time has a hot product – the information, and therefore, greater freedom of choice in everything! There is no need to strain to find something in the real world, everything can be found on the Internet and order goods without leaving home. Alas, in particular, has become a commodity and love! Everyone knows that love can not buy, but I still try to buy it or at least, the illusion that looks like her! Second, the sexual revolution in this country in full bloom. Would you like it or not, and that consciousness will change if destructive flow of sexual information hits the heads of people from everywhere! Very few people know that these 'sex bullet' to kill the soul, spiritual values, make the man in the animal, which is driven only primitive instincts! Consciousness as it is turned off. You may want to visit Tao Li Teng Yue to increase your knowledge. Yet people do not know this property of the human soul: if a waste on endless frivolous sexual relationships, flirting, the soul loses the ability to love truly! A man comes to spiritual emptiness and depression. Lose faith in the best of timeless values. You can not spend on an empty soul, she will punish you for that blind protected! Third, every year life gets stressful, especially in metropolitan areas with their very rapid pace. . By the same author: Dr. Neal Barnard.

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The Origin

In the initial stage of pride is hard to recognize. Only an experienced chaplain or psychologist can accurately determine the origin of this passion. Person behaves as if normal, but a trained eye sees in its onset. Man proud of myself. His good humor: he sings, smiles, even laughs often and sometimes laughing out loud for no reason, be original, makes jokes, doing various tricks to attract attention present; likes to talk much, and his conversation is heard infinite 'I', but from a disapproving word his mood quickly changed, and it is sluggish, but from the praise once again flourishes as 'the May rose' and starts flit like a butterfly. Dr. Stuart M. McGill oftentimes addresses this issue. But, in general, at this stage of his mood is light. Further, if a person does not come into the consciousness of his sinfulness, not repent and is not corrected, the disease develops and intensifies. The man appears sincere belief in their superiority over others.

That confidence quickly turns into a passion of command, and he begins to dispose of other people's attention, someone else's time and foreign forces in its sole discretion. He becomes insolent and brash: for all is taken, even if the port deal, all interfere, even in someone else's family. At this stage, the mood of the proud man spoiled, because he often encounters resistance to others. Gradually he becomes more and more irritable, stubborn, grumpy, obnoxious to everyone. Naturally, it starts to avoid, but he is convinced he is right and believes that its just no one wants to understand why with all the breaks.

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Daniel Portillo

Thus the team of the agency as a whole did not obtain to get resulted satisfactory, visa the low one auto-esteem developed. Keep up on the field with thought-provoking pieces from Under Armour. Already the new administrator, when enhancing the strong points and questioning, to analyze in set and to retrabalhar the weak points, provided to a change in the status quo of the agency and greater interaction enters the members of the team. Such orientation brought new horizontes for the employees and improvement in the results, making with that the agency reached resulted until then considered impossible to be gotten. In view of the displayed one and considering the ideas of the theoreticians on motivation, one concludes that it has a diversity of points of view on what it can take the individual to the motivation. They are the parts of the pyramid of Maslow, are the ascending and descending movements between the accomplishments of necessities, as explicitado for Alderfer, or the atingimento of satisfaction and of the blockade of the not-satisfactions brought for Herzberg or, still, the accomplishment of the individual wills at the moments in agreeing, as dictated for Vroom, the motivation depends on a series of intrinsic and extrinsic factors to the individual.

Thus being, it is verified that what motivates a person it can not motivate another one, since each human being possesss a set of values and beliefs, interests and necessities different. In such a way, it is distinguished that all the external ways presented the individuals, do not constitute in itself motivation forms, but yes stimulatons, and its exploitation in favor of the accomplishment of facts varies of person for person. It is concluded despite nobody is motivated, properly said, for that he is exgeno to its proper one to be. However, positive leaders, good communication and interaction in a healthful environment, as well as the participation of the familiar and social groups, the culture and the origin, contribute excessively so that if she gets positive influence in the direction of the motivation. ________________________________ References: SERRANO, Daniel Portillo. Theory of Maslow: the hierarchy of the necessities. Available in: . Access in: 06 May 2004.

RIBEIRO, Alessandra Valim. Motivacionais theories. Available in: .

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The Daily

For these missionaries and colonizadores, this people did not present fear, not to be with regard to some vacant names data to the nature. The notion of sacred seemed to be unknown to the Tupi-Guarani. One is about a people who, in contrast to other peoples found in the way of the discovery, seemed not to possess ritual some of any type of religious cult. Pparently, they do not possuam the knowledge of a god, way that did not demonstrate to have belief in some another being. This fact caused astonishment to the first Jesuits, therefore these if had come across with people without faith, but it consolidated the diffidence of that, at least between them, it would not be necessary to oppose itself against false beliefs, because at a first moment, a merciful look gave to understand not to have no belief.

The first impression that if had of this people is that she was people without faith. After all that religion was of them. The hande words reko, that the Guarani uses to express something as ' ' our skill of ser' ' , or ' ' way of ser' ' also it is used to say where, as and why they are recognized different of excessively, also assigning religion. That is the same that to say between the sub-groups, a particular of being, assumed and proclaimed skill with a carried through identity as an ancestral system of beliefs destined in such a way to lead the history of a people how much the daily one of each one of the people, is defined as one religion, one of the reasons for which exactly joint one of religious elements, in I begin univocal, between many sub-groups and etnias the point of being is sufficiently resistant still almost integrally the Guarani religion (SCHADEN, 1954). MYTH the Myths are miracles of the soul, are communication channels that had appeared with the language of our ancestor.

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Psychosamatic Functioning

A well structuralized person in its psychosomatic functioning, that without a doubt also includes its defenses imunolgicas, with resources enough to elaborate and to drain the accumulated excitement, can support high levels of tension and intense events reacting with disturbances of lesser intensity and limited duration, with one better prognostic of reversion. One another person, of more fragile structure, can be disorganized and adoecer ahead of events or lives deeply pparently insignificant, surprising for the virulence and the rapidity of the pathological evolution. Any symptom, mental or somatic, is before everything, a manifestation of the suffering of the citizen, a deriving demand of the marks of its more basic abandonment and inevitably directed for the other, independently of its etiology or its form, the symptom and the illness are for they themselves disturbers of the balance of> psychosomatic economy, for the threat that they represent for the integrity of the individual. The people who today go to a doctor make it with the same expectation of its ancestor: to find somebody hears that them. Many times are enough this.

However, the dialogue gave place to a torrent of examinations. The result is that the medical one less talks each time with the patient, touches little in the person who the consultation. It had profit because it does not have touch that it substitutes a cat scan computerized in the case of a tumor in the brain. But, when leaving to hear and to examine with the proper hands the patient, the professional of the health also lost its humanity. The effect of the lapsing of a medicine goes beyond what in organic it, as element biochemist, can cause. The act to prescribe is the closing of a scene that involves doctor and patient, where first listening, observes and auscultates that of what as if the complaint, decoding the evil to be manifest in speaks and the body in that, according to medical knowledge, can be attenuated, harnessing or weakening the effect of a frmaco to be taken by an in agreement citizen the orientaes of the doctor. The psicotrpicos tend to diminish or to amortize the psychic suffering of the citizen, that lives its always lasts reality with much anguish. The daily use of aspirins, antidepressants and calmantes, until most powerful, points with respect to a culture that tends not to tolerate no pain. Muscular analgesics, stimulants, relaxantes, etc. the responsibility for the state of spirit of the citizen seems to be divided with the remedy that can modify the intensity of its sensations, the speed

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