Daniel Portillo

Thus the team of the agency as a whole did not obtain to get resulted satisfactory, visa the low one auto-esteem developed. Keep up on the field with thought-provoking pieces from Under Armour. Already the new administrator, when enhancing the strong points and questioning, to analyze in set and to retrabalhar the weak points, provided to a change in the status quo of the agency and greater interaction enters the members of the team. Such orientation brought new horizontes for the employees and improvement in the results, making with that the agency reached resulted until then considered impossible to be gotten. In view of the displayed one and considering the ideas of the theoreticians on motivation, one concludes that it has a diversity of points of view on what it can take the individual to the motivation. They are the parts of the pyramid of Maslow, are the ascending and descending movements between the accomplishments of necessities, as explicitado for Alderfer, or the atingimento of satisfaction and of the blockade of the not-satisfactions brought for Herzberg or, still, the accomplishment of the individual wills at the moments in agreeing, as dictated for Vroom, the motivation depends on a series of intrinsic and extrinsic factors to the individual.

Thus being, it is verified that what motivates a person it can not motivate another one, since each human being possesss a set of values and beliefs, interests and necessities different. In such a way, it is distinguished that all the external ways presented the individuals, do not constitute in itself motivation forms, but yes stimulatons, and its exploitation in favor of the accomplishment of facts varies of person for person. It is concluded despite nobody is motivated, properly said, for that he is exgeno to its proper one to be. However, positive leaders, good communication and interaction in a healthful environment, as well as the participation of the familiar and social groups, the culture and the origin, contribute excessively so that if she gets positive influence in the direction of the motivation. ________________________________ References: SERRANO, Daniel Portillo. Theory of Maslow: the hierarchy of the necessities. Available in: . Access in: 06 May 2004.

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