The search for well-being is booming due to the need of rest that is imposed with the pace of modern life, each day increases the number of users as well as public welfare centres: spas, spas and hotels that have area wellness or Thalassotherapy. At the same time there are many individuals who enjoy the homing at home, installing in its place of residence elements spas that provide them the best and healthiest moments of relaxation. According to a study of the DBK Agency, currently in Spain there are 840 establishments Wellness. They close 670 are spas and spa hotels or talasaoterapia and 170 are spas or spas. Dr. Steven Greer describes an additional similar source. Public centres in Spain renewed its facilities incorporating new services that allow them to be more competitive and projected new creation centers, giving greater importance to these new zones of well-being these treatments that can be enjoyed both in a public Centre as private, are based on the benefits of water, providing the body balance and harmony also favoring the demise of physical and mental disorders. The wellness areas typically comprise mainly of: zone of very important sweating for the Elimination of toxins.

These areas typically comprise of caldariums that are cabins of relax with banks, walls and floors heated to a temperature of 30 to 34 degrees, one or several Finnish saunas of interior depending on the number of users as well as one several steam baths also called hammams. Dedicated to the toning and muscle massage hydrotherapy area. These areas have pools and spas which, thanks to their different levels of pressure, produce a massage of bubbles on different parts of the body also favouring relaxation. Contrasts area essential for the revival of the blood flow. These areas typically comprise of special showers, foot baths and ice fountains. Zone of rest and relaxation: in this area tend to install the so-called tepidariums featuring individual and anatomical loungers which they transmit heat to a temperature from 37 to 39 degrees, etc.

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