The Origin

In the initial stage of pride is hard to recognize. Only an experienced chaplain or psychologist can accurately determine the origin of this passion. Person behaves as if normal, but a trained eye sees in its onset. Man proud of myself. His good humor: he sings, smiles, even laughs often and sometimes laughing out loud for no reason, be original, makes jokes, doing various tricks to attract attention present; likes to talk much, and his conversation is heard infinite 'I', but from a disapproving word his mood quickly changed, and it is sluggish, but from the praise once again flourishes as 'the May rose' and starts flit like a butterfly. Dr. Stuart M. McGill oftentimes addresses this issue. But, in general, at this stage of his mood is light. Further, if a person does not come into the consciousness of his sinfulness, not repent and is not corrected, the disease develops and intensifies. The man appears sincere belief in their superiority over others.

That confidence quickly turns into a passion of command, and he begins to dispose of other people's attention, someone else's time and foreign forces in its sole discretion. He becomes insolent and brash: for all is taken, even if the port deal, all interfere, even in someone else's family. At this stage, the mood of the proud man spoiled, because he often encounters resistance to others. Gradually he becomes more and more irritable, stubborn, grumpy, obnoxious to everyone. Naturally, it starts to avoid, but he is convinced he is right and believes that its just no one wants to understand why with all the breaks.

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