Cellulite Gel

The main weapons complex 'DNActive' – derinat sodium (DNA) – is the sodium salt, crushed to the size of molecule. Due to the small size, it falls into the same cell nucleus and powerfully activates its immune system. The cell itself gets rid of the alien to her cellulite fat. And at the empty place other status; Achieving effectiveness complex 'DNActive' Argan oil, Cosmacol (ether fruit acids) and quince seed extract provide an ideal breeding ground for the growth and proliferation of new, already healthy cells. It does not matter how old you are and what you build.

Each one of you – a real beauty! The main thing is to find the mysterious 'key' to their uniqueness. One of the best assistants in the search – 'Anti-cellulite program' from cosmetics to body 'Gloris'. 'Scrub tela's complex' DNActive '. Nut shells, olive oil, peanut, rose hips and sea buckthorn provide gentle exfoliation of old cells. The complex of hydroxy acids (lactic, citric, salitsinovoy) strengthen the walls of blood vessels, enhancing blood circulation and lymph flow, will effect a light massage.

After applying the scrub you will feel an amazing lightness of updates, and your skin will be brought to full combat readiness to the effects of other means of care. 'Anti-Cellulite Gel' to the complex 'DNActive'. Has directed action on cellulite. Effectiveness of its main constituent 'DNActive' tenfold increase: aminofilin, coffee extracts, kelp, berries dentate California palm trees, horse chestnut tincture of red pepper, wheat germ oil. They stimulate metabolism, deduce the excess fluid and toxins that prevent the accumulation of fat, improve skin tone and vascular soften and soothe the epidermis, giving it elasticity.

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What is Plasmapheresis? Blood plasma consists of water with dissolved substances (organic and mineral), including proteins (albumin, globulins and fibrinogen), carbohydrates (glucose), fats (lipids) hormones, enzymes, vitamins, and the individual components of salts (ions) and some products of metabolism from the body with plasma derived products lipidnogoObmena (cholesterol, "bad" lipoprotein-base culprits of atherosclerosis), poisons, immune antigen-antibody complexes (they appear as a defensive reaction by ingestion of foreign particles to remove them) and so on, that is all too much, that interferes with our work body. Plasmapheresis first entered our lives in the middle of the twentieth century. Initially it was used solely to receive donated plasma, then it was used for treatment with plasmapheresis have started clearing the blood of toxins, immune complexes, and metabolic products. Author name "plasmapheresis Abel brought his combination of two concepts: the plasma (the liquid part of blood) and the Greek apheresis (removal). Thus, plasmapheresis – a selective removal from the body of the plasma.

In our country, therapeutic plasma exchange has been applied since 1964, R. Serbin, who defended the blood vials with the syndrome of increased viscosity. Since the early 70s plasmapheresis actively used as an additional method of intensive therapy. For example, in England, according to the 1980 year by about 10,000 procedures of plasmapheresis, in France for 70 years made 6200, the United States in 1981 – 50000. What is done plasmapheresis? With the purpose of treatment with plasmapheresis using blood diseases, such as leukemia, when it was necessary to remove leukemia cells in autoimmune (allergic to your own body tissue) diseases when plasma is filled with antigen-antibody complexes, which are deposited in the tissues of internal organs and destroy them, in some severe liver and kidney diseases, etc. A few years after the introduction of methods of treatment plasmapheresis for his testimony of the greatly expanded, it was used in many diseases associated with metabolic disturbances, chronic inflammatory diseases, poisonings, and even wellness goals for rejuvenation of the body, cleanse the skin, strengthen the immune system ..

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