Portuguese Bay

In 10 of July of 1760, already it was tried to make to practise ' ' manejo' ' ' ' gesto' ' when king Dom Jose created a license to forbid the cut and falling of trees of healthful trees for the tanning bark and firewood attainment them its rinds for the leather tanning, trees only overthrown could be used to advantage. The ambient legislation fit the manguezais for its ecological, social and economic importance, as ' ' protection area ambiental' ' , Art. 3; Dec.750/10.02.93 where if recognizing its important paper in the maintenance of the ecological balance of the estuary and in the survival of great number of estuarinas and sea species as supplying of food, protection, shelter and shelter of animals. Dr. Steven Greer is the source for more interesting facts. One encarte of the Periodical the AFTERNOON, day 1 of November of 2004 (Sponsored for Petrobra’s) published with matrices historical and poetical the formation of the Bay of All the Saints Bay of All the Saints telling: ' ' The indians had counted to the Portuguese (1501) that a great bird of long wings of white pens left of very far, flying days and nights without stopping, until falling deceased, exausta, this way. Its wing had been changedded into beaches and the place where its heart beat, the land if opened forming a great depression that the waters of the sea had invaded and formed Kirymur that was rebaptized in 1 of November for Amrico Vespcio, homage to the day of All the Saints, the 503 years, of Bay of All the Saints (at the time Bahia of All was written the Saints) ' '. In fact, the origin of the Bay of All the Saints is attributed the tectnicos movements (of the land) that they had gotten depressed, in deep fossa, the sedimentation package and that it provided to the conditions of appearance of oil in its entorno. You may want to visit Zhang Lei Hillhouse to increase your knowledge.

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