Permanent Change

The classification of the noise how much its propagation is established by STELLMAN and DAUM (1975), of the following form: Stationary continuous: noise with worthless vibrations in the respective levels during period of comment. Floating continuous: noise whose level varies continuously of an appreciable value during the period of comment. Noise of impulsive impact or: noise that if presents in energy peaks acoustics of inferior duration to as. Still according to STELLMAN and DAUM (1975), the auditory loss can be classified in two types, the MTL and the MPLPR. Loss MTL means Change Temporary Threshold, called of this form when the ear has capacity of if recouping of the loss the one that was submitted after determined rest time.

As the type, MPLPR, Permanent Change of Threshold Provoked for Noise, occur when the individual is submitted by a drawn out time the high levels of noise that provide an auditory loss to it in the hearing. In the Civil Construction, the great variation of the daily and/or weekly average levels occurs, exactly considering these periods of evaluation, because it does not have similar a daily sequence of tasks to the ones of other types of industry. Each professional executes a great number of tasks that can last hours or weeks and present different sound levels depending on the conditions or the phase of the workmanship (MAYAN, 2001). PERTINENT LEGISLATION the values contained in norms IEC (International Electrotecnical Commission), NEMA (National Electrical Manufacturers Association) and ABNT are adopted as reference of noise levels (Brazilian Association of Norms Techniques). The ABNT determines the limits of levels of noise for norm NBR 7565, which is referenciada by the norm of specification of electric machines NBR 7094, being the method of assay adopted for the WEG determined for norm NBR 7566. The IEC determines the limits of levels of noise for norm IEC34-9, being the methods of assay for machines and equipment in general determined by norms ISO374, ISO3745 and ISO3746, and specifically for girantes electric machines for norms ISO1680/1 and ISO1680/2.

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Managing Plan

The parents of the pupils had been also inquired through questionnaire on the negative and positive points of the locality, detaching the offered services. Ahead of these metodolgicas boardings, we add that the relation between school and family is essential for what the process of education and learning is accomplished of more significant form. When interacting in this context, the parents start to understand as the pedagogical action if it materialize, at the same time where they can directly follow the cognitivos advances gotten by the children and to perceive in which aspects of the learning they need to advance. All the questions had been analyzed establishing a relation with the ambient legislation of Parnamirim, specifically with the Managing Plan of the related city with sights to the attainment of elucidative answers, to the knowledge of the existence of the legal and punitive measures for the acts of aggression to the environment. We stand out that the existence of a specific and brought up to date legislation was not found, directed for the question of the ambient crimes in the quarter of Cajupiranga and the too much quarters of the related city. A research in the site of the City department of Environment was effected and Urbanism, however, had not been found registers, bibliographies or other subsidies regarding the municipal ambient legislation. Ahead of these approaches, through this work, we wait to be contributing for the construction of a bibliography regarding the subject, as well as awaking it of pointed a critical and reflexiva quarrel around the thematic one. We long for despite strategies of combat to the ambient crimes are ece of fishes in practical, and that actions effective are implemented to the community of the Land division Green Dream, as much on the part of the proper population, mobilized and organized, how much of the municipal public power, so that the sustainable development and the quality of life of the people are prioritized.

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