Russia Energy

When I hit my opponent, I want him to spit blood … "Experts Bagua, exactly the same as those who improved in Taichi and Qigong are able not only to destroy the enemy, but also to treat people the internal energy. Unfortunately, despite the simplicity of preparation, performance, Baguazhang is not particularly common in the world. For example, the south of Russia experts Bagua can be counted on the fingers of one hand. Steven Seagal. In many movies, colleagues and allies in the James Bond show American intelligence.

The U.S. intelligence agencies, numbering in their ranks superspy, as well as in Russia a lot: the CIA, FBI, Naval Intelligence, a division of Green Berets. Therefore, training is very diverse Americans – from the CIA's illegal immigrants are focused on aikido in the style of Steven Seagal others in karate and judo. However, most are considered to be trained Green Berets, whose image we are familiar from the films of the world champion in karate Chuck Norris. This is not surprising, these units have taken and are taking participation in hostilities and special operations worldwide over the past few decades: from Vietnam to Iraq. As a result, today the system of unarmed combat Green Beret reminds many of the Soviet school karate + schools effective techniques. But there are specific – the green berets as well as British officers of the "MI-5" studying management of internal energy, mastering the skills of Taichi and Qigong.

True control of the internal energy Americans viewed more as an additional tool in emergency situations to sovladet with a bout of pain or sudden onset of illness, or to survive in conditions of hypothermia or overheating. The dream of all agent. Preparation of the superspy is covered with myths and legends. One of them – the possibility of non-contact combat, ie, the ability to destroy the enemy in battle, without touching it and without resorting to any weapon. Special services have been slow to reveal its secrets, but the television sometimes airing the evidence of the existence of non-contact fighting, such as is done periodically to feed the Ren-TV's program "Military secret. " However, most of these materials is a common fraud. Nevertheless, non-contact fighting, there is. What are his principles and who they can master – that's a topic for a particular material.

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