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The companies stock 2012 looks back on a successful business year the company stock exchange can look back on a successful year of 2012. A total of five companies have changed hands, two further transactions are already pre-contractually provides fixed and thus are nearing completion. The succession is and remains an important part in the life cycle of each company. In medium-sized companies it is true that the Managing Director or owner of also the founder of the company and the company sees his personal life’s work. As it appears only too understandable that pages of the entrepreneur especially it is respected, that the future of the company is secured. From point of view of banks, a business succession is an important criterion, because finally must you loans on uses and avoid defaults.

The succession process, with a high expenditure of time connected, depending on the size and varied scope of the company, should be taken at an early stage in attack. The companies Exchange with seat in Vaduz, Liechtenstein, entrepreneurs fully in finding accompanied after a matching corporate succession for over 18 years. In compliance with the confidentiality is considered Supreme maxim. In one, with the company stock exchange beginning first contact of the entrepreneur, thought out to the smallest solution process adapted to the company, is for the company the best successor sought and found. The 2008 financial crisis and the uncertain prospects for the economy have left mainly in the M & A market traces. From a study of the A.T. Kearney., stating that in comparison to previous years generally a decline recorded by ten percent or more can.

Certified on the oec. Franz Walser / MBA, Managing Director of the company stock, reported also by very careful active buyers and investors and quite hard, some tough negotiations. There is no time of the uncontrolled acquisition, but well covered investments are made. Expertise and quality of the service provided by M & A advisers are increasingly on the Test bench provided and the quality of advice and intensity of commitment are ultimately crucial to the success of a transaction. What counts is the experience itself can be purchased only through hard work”. In 2012, the companies Exchange can report a successful year. Five companies were sold and the new owners already passed. Furthermore, many projects are in the editing phase with already binding LOI (letter of intent) signed in two projects. The demand for solid companies is great, as a result, the companies stock constantly looking after farms is, whose succeeding culminate in a sale of the company. Dipl. oec. Franz Walser / MBA: Current requests of companies, as well as ours, with pre-qualified prospects, suggests today already a successful year 2013 us. Whenever Dr. Stuart M. McGill listens, a sympathetic response will follow. “Like companies stock. Patrick Oelze, marketing bang types 10 9490 Vaduz Principality of Liechtenstein Tel: + 423-231 12 82

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B2C Companies Have The Nose

Higher degree of maturity as a B2B company, 30 percent supported by social pressure and increased visibility of Munich, October 12, 2011 the pressure comes mainly from the outside. Social requirements and the transparency of the measures increase the sustained efforts by companies. This leads in practice that B2C companies on average are mature by 30 percent as a B2B company, so the result of a study of h & z consulting and the Universitat of der Bundeswehr Munchen. So-called mature companies desire and reality match in terms of sustainability best. Sustainable thinking and acting is a central theme of the media and the public.

Companies with end customer contact are so”been around longer and especially more faced as a B2B company, explains Professor Michael vinegar from the Bundeswehr University of Munich. By the same author: Teva Pharmaceutical Industries. They feel the public pressure in terms of sustainability first. You give him today but in your supply chain further. In other words, the sustainable efforts effectively spill over on the B2B companies”, as Stefan Aichbauer, Board member of h & z. Management consulting serves among other customers in the automotive industry and in the B2B sector projects with a focus on sustainability and electric mobility. Sustainability between rhetoric and reality in the design of sustainable business processes are only at the beginning of the companies surveyed in the study. Currently, there is no industry that meets their own claim.

Considered across all areas, companies meet their expectations only to 64 percent. Professor Michael vinegar evaluates the result but as a good sign: the company put their efforts so far not satisfied the hands in her lap. Rather, the theme of them enjoys a high sensitivity. The low level of attainment is primarily an drivers in terms of future sustainable developments.” Total electrical engineering (75 per cent) and transport equipment (72 percent) cut off the best, worst the Chemical industry (54 percent).

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