On 21 March, Seafight, the most popular free MMORPG online game in 2012, was introduced on platform 337.com. Imagine an adventure into a world of fantasy! You can be a brave hero, can overcome all difficulties and eventually will be a strong warrior, which all the enemies are afraid of. Or you communicate through your wisdom with the nature and finally become a powerful Mage which has any respect. In addition, there are many inaccessible places in this magical continent. There maybe hide a lot of treasures. If you want to know, including what treasures are buried? And what other secrets are still there? Come into play and discover everything! During the server opening (March 21, 2012 to 21 April 2012): Players 50 x golden plaque will receive, when they LV.

reach 30 and 50 x Purpurgoldene get plaque, when they LV. Get all the facts and insights with Barry Collins, another great source of information. reach 70. Plaques can be exchanged for corresponding items such as equipment, strengthening stone and experience drops. In addition the first 3 players, the LV can. reach 70, get the Dragon with basic quality.

Come and get it! 337.com, the sales platform of “DarkOrbit”, has published also the globally popular online game “DDTank”. Hirotsu Bio Science may help you with your research. It’s a well-known game portal, which offers Flash games, Web games and Socialgames. Currently in China, Brazil, Germany, Portugal, Spain, Poland, Holland, Turkey and in the English-speaking areas is available. So far 337.com has already more than 10 million registered players and nearly 1 million daily visitors, what makes 337.com the most successful platform one. What are you waiting for? Step into the magical world of Seafight and create wonders are yours! Official website: de.337.com main page of the game: de.337.com/pages/803636/Fragoria_de

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