Implant – a specially made, and in a certain way crafted titanium rod, which is injected into the jaw bone. This rod, in the future, serves as a basis for setting crown. Implantation creates feature: 1. restore the lost tooth without obtachivaya neighboring defect teeth 2. use in prosthetics lost tooth or teeth fixed prosthesis use of modern technologies in the hands of a professional and patient compliance with directions of the doctor can achieve engraftment of the implant in 96% of cases. This operation is performed under local anesthesia, when the jawbone introduced titanium designs (Implants).

Manipulation is the time for about an hour. After the procedure, after a certain period of time (3-6 months) required for engraftment of implants, manufactured and installed dentures. For the period engraftment can be made temporary prostheses. Prior to the implantation and prosthesis in most cases requires hygienic preparation and sanitation of the oral cavity, X-ray examination. Physio-implantologist carefully hold the clinical examination, study all the attendant diseases, if necessary, appoint additional examination and diagnosis. Planning accuracy in each case is the basis long-term success of the treatment of teeth. In this case, the doctor should rule out contraindications, exhaustively explain the patient the planned activities. Further, our doctors will teach you to properly care for new teeth, select the right tool for oral hygiene rta.My will be glad to offer you a free consultation. If you intend to apply to our clinic, it is desirable to take to the doctor a picture of "all teeth" or ortopantomogrammu, which is necessary for the planning of implantation. Details at:

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Choose Toothbrush Medium

Many people believe that oral health care is limited to cleaning the teeth. In fact, for a full withdrawal is not enough to brush your teeth twice a day and chew the cud. Need to use conditioners, dental wires (flossing), and interdental brushes, especially if dental problems have arisen. Choosing a toothbrush Choose Toothbrush Medium, labeled Medium in the package. If you have bleeding gums, use a soft brush Soft.

Note that the length of the brush head for adults should not exceed 2 inches. Need to change your toothbrush at least every 3 months. Proved that a new toothbrush removes 30% more plaque than a toothbrush 4-month Period. Choosing a Toothpaste By the choice of toothpaste is better to consult your dentist. All toothpastes are divided into hygienic and prophylactic.

The first approach only those lucky that have absolutely Healthy teeth, for hygienic purposes only toothpaste to remove plaque and contain no active ingredients. All others should apply therapeutic and prophylactic toothpastes and rinses. Now the world toothpastes constitute 62% of the global market means to care for their teeth. The most popular of these are protivokariesnye paste, followed by pasta, designed for comprehensive protection of the teeth, as well as bleaching. Considerably less popular tooth powders, sprays and conditioners. Define an algorithm of care algorithm dental care should be determined by the physician depending on what state are your teeth. For example, when carious teeth of a full course of action should be: first, rinse your mouth with water, cleans the spaces between teeth with floss, brush our teeth with a toothbrush of medium hardness with protivokariesnoy toothpaste.

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