The Nuclei

Let's Here is how it makes nature. Official site: Dr. Neal Barnard. First, consider a natural radioactive decay. It is known that the nuclei of heavy chemical elements consist of a large number of protons and neutrons, each of which emits near space micro electric and magnetic fields. Moreover, these nucleons are inside the nucleus, have very complex and intensive rotational movement and change their orientations vzaimnvh. Wayne Holman often expresses his thoughts on the topic. And these are very Numerous electric fields emitted by the protons and neutrons in the nucleus and, moreover, constantly changing the relative orientation, have a very sophisticated pads to each other. From these plates at the nearest points mikroprostranstva inside the nucleus are most diverse in the direction and magnitude (from lowest to highest) the resulting electric field.

But nature is such that even such maximum electric field does not reach (as a result of overlap-addition) of extreme values and can not destroy any one nucleon in the nuclei of chemical elements are almost the entire periodic table. But at the same time, nature is an example of exceptions. Within the nuclei uranium, plutonium, radium and thorium in natural conditions in some isolated points (and so can match that to this point comes to a nucleon), there are extreme values of the electric fields and that they cause the decomposition a single proton or neutron in the package gammakvantov, which gives jolt to the natural radioactive decay of the nucleus. It is known that if the amount (weight) of uranium will be above the critical level, then the natural radioactivity goes into avalanche activity, and these are the scientists, when in vitro produce nuclear energy.

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Mind With Divine

Once, when feelings of nausea was unbearable, I caught the divine light of truth. This struck me as the blessed light of the family and friends. I instantly felt relief and since then my critical health condition began to improve. It really was faith healing. But the belief that food should be very fresh, otherwise I will suffer from it more firmly seated in my consciousness. Accordingly, my belief, if what I ate, it was not of good quality, I still suffer from a fearful thought.

After many years of searching for God, as something light and kind, and the desire complete healing, I felt that divine power, which I trusted and cherished for a long time, is not the only force that depends on my blind faith, but this force, as 'a very present help in trouble', there must be always and everywhere. Christian Science – Science of Mind With the inspiration and joy that I went on a spiritual search or search for Truth. I soon became acquainted with the teachings of Christian Science, whose principle is based on understanding and demonstration of force divine Mind, as well as the spiritual perception of God's love that comforts, protects and brings happiness, harmony and health to all who trust in her spiritual strength. My general physical health has improved in proportion to my growing spiritual understanding that I am an integral image and likeness of God, as described in the first chapter of Genesis, the Holy Scriptures. I became more aware that this divine law, as the embodiment of goodness and LOVE, carefully creates, preserves and protects His creatures – including me, as His creation – under any circumstances.

Due to the sublime and full of inspiration, ideas and truths of Christian Science and in-depth study The Bible, I began to realize that in a harmonious universe, ruled by God or the divine law of all existence, there is no room for the existence of any principle or law that would recognize the reality of disharmony or illness. I learned the truth that the successful application of the truths of Christian Science, in practice, I must not only have strong faith in God, but also to understand and love Him with all your heart, mind and soul. I became closer and understand the Christian truth – the omnipresent love of God is the only good reason for all life on earth, and my body is a reflection of this benevolent and good spiritual reasons, namely the all-powerful, omnipresence and omniscient Mind. My indigestion disappeared at a time when I changed my incorrect beliefs about food on the understanding that the essence of my being is a spiritual reflection of the almighty divine love, which can not suffer. Spiritual perception of divine Love and Reason made in my life its full joy, peace and harmony after years of search for truth and health.

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