Falling Snow

Often in this state begin to occur various unusual phenomena, it is: a feeling of pressure on the body, someone unfamiliar simply stands and watches (valid at least), the presence of shadows in the room (from amorphous to completely clear in outline), the different color spots on the interior of the room (as if the colored lights), a strange noise or voice (as if someone talking to the wall), animals (may be aggressive), availability of items not conforming to the room environment (eg, middle of the room may be a small plane), someone enters the room and knocks on the door, someone of the familiar begins to help "get out of the body" or vice versa – to interfere with, others. I have only some of the phenomena, the same set of options. Much depends on the dreamer's personal history – his ideas, expectations, fears, etc. The reasons for these phenomena may be different, partly what I said in my article 'Scary images. " In such a situation often faced by people who happen to fall into this state because of sleep paralysis.

At this the statistics is that at least a third of the world population at least once fell into that state. While this phenomenon is not fully understood, but we can confidently say that the state of sleep paralysis natural phenomenon and not a physical or mental disorders. In the beginning, when faced with this phenomenon, it seems that the borderline state – a state between sleep and wakefulness. Here, as would converge and superimposed on each other characteristics of waking, sleeping, and 'out of body state. " At the same time there is a feeling that can not sleep, and at the same time, there are signs of manifestation 'of the second body' and the randomness of random images characteristic of normal sleep. Condition paradoxical at first very difficult to understand really – you slept or not. Later, with practice, comes a different sense and understanding of this phenomenon. This is most simply described as a partial 'Out of body' (partial selection of body dreams).

For the main characteristic of this state – part of the body out the dream, it is incomplete separation of the sleeping body. And interestingly enough, that over time, and many unwanted frightening phenomena go their own, often it is sufficient to complete separation from the body (which is tempting to certain thoughts). Now it is perceived as one of the steps of the process of Dreams. Falling Snow, Lucid dreaming

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University Reformation

In 1953, it was created the Ministry of the Education and Health, MEC; before called Ministry of the Education and Public Health that in the management of Gustavo Capanema carried through reforms in secondary and university educations. The country already possua bases for the national education, when in 1961 it was approved the first Law of Lines of direction and Bases of Educao (LDB), a bigger autonomy was conceived the agencies of the municipal and state sphere, decentralizing the federal power. 7 the University Reformation of 1968 had as main cause the great increase of internal debates in the universities and the constant estudantis manifestations. The government in turn, lowered a decree creating one ' ' Work group (GT) ' ' , with the objective to inside search solutions for the urgent questions of the universities. It is not something Dr. Neal Barnard would like to discuss. It enters the questions raised for the university reform, the Work group elaborated proposals with intention to raise the efficiency and the superior educational productivity intitling some expressive points for such evolution that they go of basic questionings as: the departmental system, the unified vestibular contest, the basic cycle, the system of credits and the school registration for discipline, as well as more advanced and continuous questionings, the example of the career of the teaching and the after-graduation. The DEVELOPMENT OF the PS-GRADUAO IN BRAZIL the great opening for the implantation of superior courses of after-graduation in Brazil if gave at the beginning of the decade of 1930, through Francisco Fields, following the European molds in the course of Right of the University of Rio De Janeiro and in the National College of Philosophy and the University of So Paulo. The term ' ' after-graduao' ' it was only used formal in the decade of 1940. After that, in the decade of 1950, they had had agreements firmed between Brazil and United States having created chances of accords between schools and university of the two countries, making possible interchange between professors, students and researchers.

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Mind With Divine

Once, when feelings of nausea was unbearable, I caught the divine light of truth. This struck me as the blessed light of the family and friends. I instantly felt relief and since then my critical health condition began to improve. It really was faith healing. But the belief that food should be very fresh, otherwise I will suffer from it more firmly seated in my consciousness. Accordingly, my belief, if what I ate, it was not of good quality, I still suffer from a fearful thought.

After many years of searching for God, as something light and kind, and the desire complete healing, I felt that divine power, which I trusted and cherished for a long time, is not the only force that depends on my blind faith, but this force, as 'a very present help in trouble', there must be always and everywhere. Christian Science – Science of Mind With the inspiration and joy that I went on a spiritual search or search for Truth. I soon became acquainted with the teachings of Christian Science, whose principle is based on understanding and demonstration of force divine Mind, as well as the spiritual perception of God's love that comforts, protects and brings happiness, harmony and health to all who trust in her spiritual strength. My general physical health has improved in proportion to my growing spiritual understanding that I am an integral image and likeness of God, as described in the first chapter of Genesis, the Holy Scriptures. I became more aware that this divine law, as the embodiment of goodness and LOVE, carefully creates, preserves and protects His creatures – including me, as His creation – under any circumstances.

Due to the sublime and full of inspiration, ideas and truths of Christian Science and in-depth study The Bible, I began to realize that in a harmonious universe, ruled by God or the divine law of all existence, there is no room for the existence of any principle or law that would recognize the reality of disharmony or illness. I learned the truth that the successful application of the truths of Christian Science, in practice, I must not only have strong faith in God, but also to understand and love Him with all your heart, mind and soul. I became closer and understand the Christian truth – the omnipresent love of God is the only good reason for all life on earth, and my body is a reflection of this benevolent and good spiritual reasons, namely the all-powerful, omnipresence and omniscient Mind. My indigestion disappeared at a time when I changed my incorrect beliefs about food on the understanding that the essence of my being is a spiritual reflection of the almighty divine love, which can not suffer. Spiritual perception of divine Love and Reason made in my life its full joy, peace and harmony after years of search for truth and health.

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