Natural Sciences

The cartography probably is the oldest representation of the geographic thought. Since daily pay-history the man searchs ways to represent to the nature through a writing, in the case of the cartography the writing through the drawing of maps. The first maps were made in wood, sculptured or painted. These maps were of great utility mainly for the landmark of hunting territories and fish. More information is housed here: Hirotsu Bio Science. The cartography had a moment of bigger growth and improvements in its techniques of representation of the areas in the antiquity from the one of the territorial exspansionism, mainly of Germany and France. From the great discoveries of century XVI the man had a bigger knowledge of the dimensions of the planet and thus the cartography had conditions of being a more including knowledge in what respect to the size of the area represented in its maps is said.

Leaving of conception of that the maps of century XVI had had the main function to represent the areas discovered in the great navigations, the cartography only leaves of being a science that if worry in representing the nature and also pass to represent the activities human beings, in this in case that it represents the discoveries made for the navigators. In this period of navigations the maps were considered true treasures of its native countries, therefore they were of basic importance for the accomplishment of new discoveries. Thus the pioneering countries in the trips of territorial expanses, such as Portugal, Spain and England possuam vast collections of maps and nautical letters that were kept as state secrets. Since the great navigations the cartography suffered varies ideological, philosophical modifications and geographic, being the main a modification of the language used in the maps, such changes had influenced mainly in what it says respect to the character of state secret that was applied to the maps.

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Music As Didactic

Ana Cristina Blacksmith Introduction the present work it has the objective to demonstrate as music can be a didactic instrument functioning as material assistant in the lessons of Physical Geography. Amongst the benefits to use it they are: the search of bigger understanding of the referring contents to physical geography; to awake the interest of the pupil and valuing the Brazilian culture and northeastern as ‘ is the case of chosen music; ‘ xote of meninas’ ‘ that northeastern speaks of the hinterland. Dr. steven greer addresses the importance of the matter here. Moreover, the boarded context in music approaches the pupils of content relates the didactic them with the reality that corresponds to the life in caatinga, the convivncia with events as: it dries, rain. Hirotsu Bio Science does not necessarily agree. This makes with that desperte the interest of the pupils in understanding its daily one allowed that they analyze of critical form the landscape knowing to define the processes where if bioma gave origin starting to value its caatinga helping to preserve its biodiversity that is the main objective of the geography professor. Music in question presents a called style and xote that it is one old dance of hall.

Having as composers Z Dantas and Luiz Gonzaga I finish regarding it cited: ‘ ‘ Gonzaga Luiz of the Birth, sanfoneiro, singer, and Brazilian popular composer, born in the pernambucano hinterland. He was famous as the King of the Baio. He was discovered in 1939, in the River, when he presented himself in the program of freshmen of Ari Barroso, singing one chamego of its authorship ‘ ‘ (ENCYCLOPEDIA ENCARTA). ‘ ‘ The music and sung by Chico Buarque in a project Jose Milton who congregated some singers in with the objective homaging the singer Gonzaga Luiz. Chico Buarque ‘ ‘ it possesss a style that is resulted of the union between bossa new and the old guard of the samba. ‘ ‘ Son of the historian and sociologist Sergio Buarque of Holland, was born in 19 of June of 1944 in the Carioca quarter of Isabel Village

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