Consequently, competition among pharmacy establishments increases, which causes all the participants pharmaceutical market to choose a more active methods of competition and to apply the latest developments and various models of marketing and sales strategies. As well as our entire economy, pharmacy over the past twenty years has undergone many significant changes. From government agencies, subordinate to the Ministry of Health, the pharmacy became a segment of the market economy (with a very diverse composition of the owners) and now have worry not only about the health of citizens, they provide medicine, but also about his "economic health" – efficiency, profitability, competitiveness, and other important indicators. In addition to these parameters describing how the pharmacy retailer and their activities are regulated by a number of special laws and regulations, making the pharmaceutical business is very challenging. Survive in competitive environment, and actively develop the pharmaceutical industry help of modern information technology. One of the major trends in retailing – the formation of trade networks – is not passed, and pharmaceutical business: Today there is also an active "network building", accompanied by a redistribution of items between the government and commercial sectors (in favor of increasing the latter). This is done by the one hand, the consolidation of smaller networks, and on the other – the absorption of these small networks as "monsters" of the pharmaceutical market. In addition, large pharmacy chains are not only buying or replacing the independent pharmacy market with, but integrate them into your business in other ways, formally retaining their independence (franchise contract for the supply and so on).

At the same time occasionally is the emergence of new brands that claim to a niche in the pharmaceutical retail. Drugstore chains are now the most viable and profitable enterprises of the domestic pharmaceutical retail sector. This trend is objective, because in a highly competitive network structure in Unlike a single pharmacy has more resources to create an effective financial, procurement, marketing and management systems.

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Reflexology Childbirth

During pregnancy the woman’s body undergoes a myriad of physical and psychological changes. Relaxation techniques that brings reflexology therapy will allow the MOM to accept them and live them with greater naturalness, to enjoy this stage of his life in full form, and benefiting both women and their unborn baby. We remind you that it gives Wellness without relying on drugs to be a completely natural therapy, many of which are contraindicated for pregnant women, since they can affect the normal development of the fetus to reduce anxiety and stress, treat constipation, problems of blood pressure, pain in back, heartburn, insomnia, hemorrhoids, vomiting and dizziness, muscle pain, cramps and urinary disorders. During preconception, it is recommended that it is not only the mother-to-be which receive the reflexology treatment, since man can also benefit from relaxation techniques. In women the foot massage regulates menstrual periods, regulates the production of hormones, and like that in humans, reduces stress and tensions. Reflexology massage may be helpful for the mother even during the last period of pregnancy, since it allows the natural stimulation of hormones involved in childbirth oxytocin, Adrenaline and endorphins.

A situation so stressful as childbirth adrenaline levels can inhibit the proper flow of oxytocin, causing interruption of labor contractions, putting at risk to the fetus. Reflexology therapy allows the contractions to develop gradually, avoiding the mother may need to receive doses of oxytocin artificial extras. After childbirth, the organs that had given him his space to the tero again to stand in their positions until the equilibrium of the body. During this process where reflexology acts naturally recovering the harmony that the postpartum stress produces favours relaxation, relieves tensions and own puerperal pains, favors the endocrine balance, reduces back pain, mastitis, paragraph digestive, lymphatic, urinary and excretory problems, and may even benefit patients who have postpartum depression. If more information about reflexology for pregnant are looking for we invite you to enter in.

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