Fitness Routine

Start with a warm-up sets of 12 repetitions with a light weight, then take another 6 sets, increasing the weight of the set to the Setu. Weight must be chosen so that in the last 2 sets you could do no more than one repetition! Each set shall bring to full muscle 'failure'! Arnold ShvartseneggerIz principles Uaydera use only – partial movements. This principle is optimal for squats. Do sit-ups in half and a quarter of the amplitude under the supervision of the belayer partner. With the growth of fitness exercises in a complex type of powerlifting and weightlifting. Do not chase them for the result. Use them to 'pump'! Better for a bodybuilder are: – Deadlift * – * presses the breast – the lift in * chest – push.

Well, now let's look at what intensity. Sometimes you have to read that in order to increase the intensity of a bodybuilder to do the exercises quickly, less rest, and ultimately reduce duration of exercise to 40 minutes. For starters I recommend the opposite approach. Suppose your workout lasts about an hour. Stretch it to a half hour. If you hurry, you only knock the breath, start to choke and not deal with weight. Keep the movement slow, calibrated and plenty of rest between sets.

In bodybuilding There is a persistent myth that you should start with small weights. I sometimes see in the hall of builders who practice 'Pumping'. Take the dumbbells and light weight make an infinite number of repetitions.

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