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The statistics according to reports sales of printed communication enterprises and the World Association of newspapers (WAN), China is the country where most sold newspapers in the world. 83 Million newspaper circulating daily in that country. Japan with 70.8 million; India, 57.84, and United States, 55.18, remain in the list.The largest buyers of newspapers are the Japanese and Norwegians, Finns, Swedes and Swiss, in Latin America followed by the newspapers of venezuela are the most read. The review is based on statistics of what happens in the industry of the daily newspapers in 80 countries, and also reports that last year broke the streak in the dissemination of newspapers in the world, to sell 391.6 million copies, which meant a decrease of 0.35% in comparison with the period between 1998-2002 2001.Durante Rotary worldwide sales showed an increase of 5.1%. The sector of daily newspapers had a recession in their incomes, by concept of advertising, which fell for the second consecutive time: in 2002 the fall was the 0.52% compared with 5% of loss of the previous year. The report presented by the director general of the Association, Timothy Balding, during the 56, the World Congress of newspapers Edition, indicates that countries such as Italy, Ireland and the Netherlands (Netherlands) press showed an increase in the circulation of its newspapers (0.1 to 6.1 per cent, respectively); while Austria, Denmark, Great Britain and France have accused a significant decline (basically in Europe journals).

The Japanese occupy the first five locations within the list of the most sold newspapers in the world, being Yomiuri which reaches the highest sales with 14.4 million newspapers, followed by the German Bild-Zeitung (4.4 million), the British The Sun (3.47 million). The American USA Today (2.15 million) ranked 14 and The Wall Street Journal 19 (1.78 million) and some newspapers of Spain. According to WAN, the rapid growth of investment advertising on the Internet provoked have 79% of newspaper site in the network, against 52% in 1998, being The New York Times one of which they have more subscribers to their services online (162 thousand), moving from a deficit of 7.5 billion dollars in 2001 to profits of eight billion dollars in 2002.

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