Walking Barefoot

Going barefoot can be seen as a boon. Anyone who regularly runs without shoes, found in a pain-free and natural movement of his foot again, and the rind has built up against sharp stones and other damage to a certain cushioning effect. By walking barefoot to diverse and predominantly natural soil creates a good basis for the feet of strength, agility and skill. As long as the foot is his original motion and maintains a strong muscle, minimizes the risk of postural deformities, injuries and reduced mobility. However, those that run only in shoes, has grown accustomed to a tougher stance and its arch of the foot has lost its flexibility and resilience. The flexors on the underside of the foot, which give the arch support and flexibility, are largely immobilized in shoes and therefore often underdeveloped. For the proper position during sports activities but are moving toes vigorously knucklemay require. Children still move on their own right, they know no pain on his bare feet and have a perfect Fuschwartenpolster. Newborns have a strong grasp reflex of the toes and this should be trained as possible by constant Fugymnastik. The reaction in the leisure sector in general is barefoot on overwhelmingly positive, and not infrequently finds imitators. Many health insurance companies to assist their members with a targeted Foot Training for the mobility of the feet. This will avoid unnecessary

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