Healthy Pregnancy

Just the consumption of alcohol, cigarettes and drugs during pregnancy greatly increases the risk of complications. Unfortunately, there are dangers and risks that affect the normal course of a pregnancy until the birth at any time of pregnancy. Of course, the difficulty is to recognize the present dangers and risks and to prevent it in time. After all, occur at 20 25% of all pregnancies on complications that can affect either the pregnant woman or the unborn child. In a pregnancy, several complications can occur also the child regarding defects or health problems in General, such as gestational diabetes or thrombosis. Another factor is the frequency of miscarriages, which to a tight one-fifth of all incoming cases leads to a sad end of pregnancy.

In this article, you should some risk factors, and explains their impact. Alcohol in pregnancy is alcohol the most women regularly consumed, allowing good to understand by various studies. It has to much alcohol an almost toxic effect on the organism is today not more controversial, which again leads to the statement that one should enjoy in moderation. For women, this means, about 20 grams of pure alcohol on the day, so the second glass of wine, or the third glass of beer is already too much. Apply for pregnancy; Stay away from the alcohol! This applies to all substances that affect the organism or the nervous system. Just at the beginning of pregnancy, where the bodies of the unborn child be pronounced the consumption of such substances, including alcohol would be particularly damaging. Failure to observe of this fact, it can come to serious disorders in the child, to include serious physical limitations also psychomotor disorders, hyperactivity, malformations and mental lagging. Pregnant women should so the whole pregnancy period on the consumption of alcoholic beverages do without. Smoking in pregnancy also smoking has become socially acceptable nowadays, so almost every third woman of childbearing age smoke.

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