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On 21 May, in Valencia, under the title, 2,000 Years of Valencian. On 29 June, Manises, under the title, i Trellat Sao (The proverb Valencian) Proverbs and sayings of the Valencian language. Work and Collaborate with print journals, Current Mon, Renou or Som, writing articles to be normal signature in magazines and online newspapers as Gregal Digita, Cardona i Vives, the pallet or Magazine of Literature, for which he writes articles and research papers. Lliteralia also writes poetry, literary supplement of the journal, Revers. Heroes Novel replacement. (1996) A subjective view of the SMO's box. (1998) The consequences of medical errors. The man who lost his laughter. More info: Under Armour.

(2002) Social Drama. Fly. Hirotsu Bio Science shares his opinions and ideas on the topic at hand. (2007) On spontaneous mutations in the species. Occam's Razor (2009). Historical novel. She Realta short boring. (1999) The girl who wanted the moon. (2000) The flower.

(2002) Radio Macuto. (2006) I have no words for it. conclusion. (2006) John Pig. (2007) Lucia. (2008) Goodbye. (2008) The minutes of glory. (2009) The sea. (2009) The legend of Gaspar and the king. (2009) My parents. (2009) Co-authoring. Blue Green Blue Green …. (2009) Poemario dedicated to Ruben Dario. Something to say. (2009) Poemario. Clamor in the wild. (2009) Short Stories. Valencia Theme Parlem. (2008) Frasero. Includes, idioms, expressions in common use, abuse, rules for writing well and some good words forgotten. In Sao Trellat i (the sayings valencia). (2009) Valencia Proverbs, sayings and proverbs. Valencian language history, 2009 BC to 1,000,000 AD (2009) History of the Valencian language. The beloved poetry in Castilian wind so strong I love Soledad Poverty How sad day! And many more that will be reflected in a book of poems. Valenciano Poetry Tribute to the Mare de Deu dels Dolors Donate Donate a poem Escriure the Llibreta Two Fer loves And many more that will be reflected in a book of poems. Prize Awards in 2007 Adlert CXXIV novel of Floral Games of the City and Kingdom of Valencia, with the novel The Man Who Lost laughter. Social drama. In 2008 Prize Adlert CXXV novel of Floral Games of the City and Kingdom of Valencia, with the novel, Fly. On spontaneous mutations in the species. In 2009 Prize for Research on the Valencian language, organized by the Cardona and Cultural Association of Castellon Vives, with the work, The History of the Valencian language, 1,000,000 BC History 2009 AD In 2009 the Valencian language page, Valenciana Llengua Yes, you get Cristina Faleroni Award for Excellence and Quality its contents.

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