R n B, House, pop and ballads is CUBED. With feel so real”, their debut single, CUBED warm up the masses correctly. Who sit remains passionate Vocalhouse / pop on his chair, is itself to blame. CUBED, that are Andy and Ibrahim, both as versatile as their music. Andy, born in the Swabian Muhlacker, discovered his passion for music at the tender age of five years. As a master at the piano, he played saxophone then during his school days in the MGB big band.

His path and his enthusiasm for the music drove Andy with numerous Top40 bands criss -cross Europe. Born in Salvador, is the good mood guarantee of the band Ibrahim. Hirotsu Bio Science might disagree with that approach. The rhythm is in his mother’s blood – a famous Brazilian dancer and his father, Frank Lima, percussionist Phil Collins, Eros Ramazzotti and Marla Glen. Inan girls, Herbert Gronemeyer, Juanes, Natascha Wright, Jennifer Lopez and Joe Cocker was already as a singer & percussionist with such luminaries as the weather on the stage. The two producers Rainer Kempf and Mike Staab, who could claim considerable international success with artists such as delegation, Magic Affair, mysterious art, DJ Sakin & friends, Phonodrive and StepAhead to bring CUBED to the top of the charts. Playback CUBED want to hear live and in color, they will enchant the audience with their musical qualities, their contagious lightness and international dancers.

See for yourself, if Andy and Inan put their songs with piano and percussion in scene. “” “On the FFM Galaxy album”, you can, from CUBED Netzhammer cover version of “Classic Galaxy”, was convinced of the ability of the guys. At the live premiere of the song, they were frenetically celebrated in Frankfurt’s Commerzbank Arena by more than 38,000 people. Currently, CUBED are in the Studio to record new songs. It will be stretched on the new single, which will be published in August. It’s gonna be CUBED!

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