Important Two Square Meters

On your hands, protect the skin from damage! The skin is our largest organ with a surface area of an average two square meters and assumes a number of vital functions of our body. It cools when hot, protects us from environmental influences, can feel us touch and is even drawing conclusions on our emotions by chills or blushing. But that was not enough: Our skin is like a mirror of well-being and shows how well we really want our environment. With risk factors such as stress, one-sided diet and increasingly demanding environmental conditions has to fight anyone in our time, however, the numbers of skin diseases due to professional everyday life are particularly alarming. Dr. Robert Brannon: the source for more info. Cheap rubber gloves always aggressive detergents and cleaning agents, disinfectants and chemicals are just a few of the skin-damaging means that met a majority of employees in everyday life. A related site: Andreas Halvorsen mentions similar findings. Skin disorders make one-third of all now approx.

From occupational illnesses and can become a real economic problem for employers. Who don’t take seriously the protection of his skin must reckon with permanent damage to the skin. Redness, scaly bodies or inflammation to eczema and allergies are the result. It is all the more important to support our skin through suitable care products. Prevention is better than cure. With the products of the company Azett, we have found an experienced partner to provide high-quality products for preventive skin protection. Azett Handcare products are gentle on the skin and relieve your skin.

Also, preventive, protective, impact cleaning and caring at the same time. Just a round thing. Azett your skin care products through supply of moisture, protection against swelling and last but not least by the stabilization of the Hydrolipidic film.

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