Would you like to achieve better results? Increase sales, improve teamwork, be more effective? It is clear we must change actions we do to improve the results that we obtain (interactions in business). To do this we must understand that such actions and interactions are not made capriciously, but they are the product of the behavior, habits, attitudes of the person or team. In turn, behaviours, individual and group, emerge from expectations and decisions taken previously. And these expectations and decisions are the product of the emotions, thoughts, opinions, values, knowledge and beliefs. Which are previously conditioned by mental and emotional, personal and cultural models of the Organization itself and of the society in which it unfolds. This pyramid summarizes the basic way to reach certain results. The basis of all the framework is emotional, and mental models that are the product of our experience s, culture, health, beliefs, Code of ethics and morality, education, etc. and that we’ve been treasuring during our personal lives, and they are also established in the organizational culture.

Each work team and company have their own mental models, as well as an own emotionality. What is important for best results? Intervene in that part of the pyramid that us is moving away from these results. How? Perhaps the best is to assess what contains each portion of the pyramid and take decisions thereon but while more near the base of the pyramid is what must change, more difficult it will be because it is the part in which are more blind to see it. The problem is that we are not aware of the source of the problem, and then we only intervene in what we see, i.e., at the top of the pyramid. Consciousness is the space in which happens all realize, everything realizing some aspect of reality (internal and external). Consciousness is the gateway that allows us to intervene to improve a result, because we can not intervene in those spaces that we can not distinguish.

If we only act on the consequences (symptoms) our action will be highly ineffective and with effects in the short term. To delve into the causes we must expand awareness to expand the capacity of effective action, and hence, the improvement of the results obtained. For this purpose it is necessary to unravel models mental and emotional of the team and its members, in the same way as the prevailing cultural models in the Organization, as these models are which, ultimately, determine the achieved result. Now yes, being more aware of the process that leads to the result, we can develop the most appropriate level, either with a classical training or through a skills development attitudes, which implies a deeper change. In this way, ensure a good return on investment in training or skills development and, ultimately, a result much more effective and sustainable over time. The method CORE (base) works just about this enlargement/deepening of consciousness. CORE means awareness by the reflective observation of experience. It is a methodology developed after years of work in companies, trainings, trainings and conferences. The method CORE focused on the achievement of actual, with wellness and sustainable results in time; as he investigates, extends and transforms the basis of all action: mental, emotional, models, paradigms and cultural discourses in which we operate.

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