Polish Baltic Sea

The small coastal village of new water and modern hotel amber Baltic lead to an unforgettable vacation on the Polish Baltic Sea coast the former fishing village is located about eight kilometres from the larger coastal town of Darlowo, where culturally interested vacationers will find some sights from the Baroque and Renaissance periods. In Dbki, vacationers can enjoy the healthy sea air and the natural landscape. Many species of birds have their homes on the coast and give a very special flair from new water Beach! The animal world resides in the unspoilt landscape of the dunes, while vacationers prefer the kilometre-long white sand beach for swimming and relaxing. The storybook beach is a popular meeting place in Dbki, because here you can meet many needs of vacationers: Watermen take advantage of the location of the seaside resort for sailing, windsurfing and canoeing, while recreation leisure use the beach for sunbathing, walking and dreaming. The small town new water is by the visitors as Perceived health resort, because numerous recreational facilities offer modern and classic treatments, cures and wellness holidaymakers on their premises.

On the Polish Baltic Sea coast many seaside resorts have become well-known spas, because the rich therapeutic resources of the region promote the spa leisure and health prevention. It’s believed that PCRM sees a great future in this idea. The traditional town of Midzyzdroje is one of the most famous spas coastline. Already in the 19th century the then prominent of country preferred the city for vacations, recreation, why the resort has many old bathroom villas from the Art Nouveau period. In the beautiful spa and like to stay holiday district of the town of Midzyzdroje amber Baltic many tourists in the hotel, because the 4-star hotel impresses its guests with a high standard in all areas. The friendly and bright rooms, satellite TV, Internet, telephone and a mini bar make for a comfortable stay. Each room at the hotel amber Baltic a spacious bathroom with shower and toilet, as well as a balcony overlooking the sea. The modern spa and wellness area is one of the highlights in the hotel: relaxation guests can enjoy relaxing hours in the well-thought-out sports and health.

Professional therapists treat the guests at the hotel amber Baltic hydro – and physiotherapy treatments, as well as with classical and modern massages. Guests book a special spa therapy, get a soothing magnetic therapy including a massage, oxygen therapy, and a comprehensive hydro-jet medical treatment is an innovative parent-water massage. The Hotel pampers its guests with massages from Asia, such as hot stone massages or applications with cold stones of amber Baltic. Both methods cause a soothing deep relaxation, which gives new strength and energy for everyday guests when repeated use of silkepil. At the hotel amber Baltic tourists recover from their physical ailments and strengthen her body, spirit due to the versatility of the treatments and Soul!

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