Safety Coordinator

PROCEDURE OF THE HEALTH AND SAFETY COORDINATOR Based on my experience and training as security recruiting coordinator, I created this procedure to try, if possible, sales jobs carry out coordination functions following an orderly working methods.If anyone is recruiter also interested in sharing their own method of work, documents, records or reports created type for use in monitoring the coordination, you can ship job search them (toni.asistecnics for posting on the pad. Structure of the procedure. The procedure literally extracting structure each of the obligations of Article 9 of RD 1627/1997 (blue text) and then expose the actions that I felt I should make, at least for compliance. At the end of each section, according to documents I’ve created kind to formalize actions. (red text). These standard documents and updates will soon publish in the bloc.To keep abreast of publications lasnuevas notebook entries and registratere as “follower of the bloc” Article 9.the RD 1627/1997 laying down the obligations of the coordinator. a.) Coordinate implementation of the general principles of prevention and safety: 1. In making decisions and organizational skills in order to plan the work or work stages to be developed simultaneously or successively. 2. In estimating the period required for recruitment completing such work or work stages. PROCEDURE. Strategies and techniques are what makes him phenomenon can define the exact right guy for the job To provide interference and / or simultaneity of tasks between firms, each contract will be asked to plan their work and that will inform the health and safety coordinator, recruiting changes and updates.

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